Get Unstuck with my De -Clutter a room in 5 days ….

Welcome!! Are you experiencing frustration in your home due to clutter?!!! As a pre-launch to GetUnstuck coaching, this is an offering with very special offer … A practical goal focused challenge using coaching techniques designed to get you past your head and into the place where real change can ignite!! For 5 days starting 5th…

Capsules of wholefood testemonies!

✨Kate Elizabeth✨ 2 years of:  No bugs 😷 No hayfever 🐝 No anxiety or depression πŸ˜₯ No dermatitis 😱 No ibs 😳 No falling asleep on the sofa 😴 No “I can’t be bothered to exercise” πŸ‘Ÿ No bloated horrible feeling πŸ˜– No skipped meals 🍲  2 years of the world’s top rated supplements. πŸ‡πŸπŸŒ½…

Mum what is a cough bottle?

This boy πŸ™‚ He is 6 .. The cutest bull in a China shop you ll ever meet !!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜«πŸ˜ Still won’t eat a lot of vegetables !! A few if they are raw … He loves sugar and is always hungry… He’s pretty typical of his age 😊 But he takes fruit and veg…

Day 4 Gut instinct for health

Day 4. Open discussion on food went live June 1st Watch and join the conversation now!!  Thank you for taking part in my challenge  Check out more information on how to conveniently add more plantbased food here Christine x Connect on facebook  

Gut Instinct for health

Day 3. How do like to move your body ?  Excercise Again, comment on your own experience below and new intentions !  Your ready for day 4 Christine x Ps: join the conversation here

Gut Instinct challenge Day 2.

Day 2. ….. Lets talk about hydration  Comment on your self assessment and intention…  and progress to  Day 3  Christine x Ps: join the conversation in the group

Gut Instinct Health ChallengeΒ 

Welcome ! Join us for 4 days and assess yourself on key lifestyle areas that can promote health !  See you Day one !  Christine x

4 Day health challenge !Β 

Starting tomorrow for 4 days…  Addressing key areas of health from an intuitive  perspective designed to encourage you to tune in to individual needs whilst addressing key areas for empowering and celebrating health !!  Take part in this free challenge by requesting to join the group one simple change for families where i invite you to…

Own a franchise €60 !!

Three years ago I took out my own franchise!! Clearly the best step I’ve ever taken and a catalyst for health and business … It’s an exciting time to join my team and build your own franchise and training is free !!! …. along with ongoing support and personalised mentorship meaning you will never be…