Met my ego in the downtown mirror

I walked over to say hi!
I over shared
Over gave
Desperation condensation on glass
I thought
‘this is awkward’

I just wanted to look pretty
Be celebrated
What is this tension
What is your question?

I had to look closer
To see the distortion
The shame
In the cultural glass

‘you should clean your house
Get a government job
We don’t have time for your flaws
Your son won’t conform
Where’s your self care ?
We cannot accept you

Maybe I could clean houses
And go for a swim
Smile at circus mirrors around the schoolyard
And hear
Oh your sooo creative
You are talented
There’s a job at the college
You should apply!

I could risk my soul for a lifeless mirror
I could sit over wine and snigger at the distortion
Maybe paint or write pros
That nobody sees or knows

I could keep a secret
About not being cool
And have one liner answers and take phone calls that go
‘yes we’re fine
Just busy
Time flies!’

What if I keep on through the looking glass
And wander with rabbits
Drink tea with mad hats
And be disconnected
Yet still showing up!

Exposing my soul to the cultural mirror
And maybe a reflection would take a glance back
And say
I see you !!
Your free !!!
You’re me and I’m you !
Come to the party I’ve others here too !

And I spot the dancer for whom I created the dance
Others then join cause how could they not?
Spiritual high fives through the night ..

Mirrors expand corridors
They reflect light.

I settle not here ..
Yet by a window
With a daydream and a smile
Attracting passing energies and watch the birds fly

Here I see my image but with a backdrop perfection
Magic of nature engulfs my reflection

Here’s how I choose to settle my conscious direction

And now I see I’ve answered my question.

Christine Fanning


De-Clutter like a Pro

Happy New Year !!!!



Time to re-boot ?
Get rid of the things that no longer serve your journey ?

I have created something I view as pretty special …

It’s different than anything I’ve seen as it has the potential to take you to a new level and shift your perspective for all aspects of life … It focuses directly on how to tackle the roots of how to make a shift from clutter and overwhelm into space possibility !!

To truly create a space that truly serves your desires means you also have to know what those desires are right?

This is your chance to pick up the theory, adapt it for you and start living in a space that echoes your desires for 2018 !!

And the best news is ….
That it’s yours for 1 dollar today 😊

Go on … Gift yourself !

Here’s your special link to pick it up for this token price
Get the dollar offer

Christine x
Spark Collector life business and marketing coach



Ignite video challenge! … from camera shy to camera confident ……


No payment button necessary!

This has been a lifeline to me …. the ignite video challenge.
A couple of years ago, as I embarked on my entrepreneurial pathway online, I found a challenge that got me started sharing on video!!

I was so scared!!!
I had lots to say, and when it came to talking into into the lense of he camera it seemed silly, I became a mess and was disappointed wihe result!

So a lady I admired and had learned so much from already on the online space, shared a link to join a video challenge to get confident on camera and i jumped right in!

At first i was frustrated that I didnt sound and look different and found my first takes hard to share …. 30 days later my comfort levels had really taken a leap and i started to enjoy it!!

Now I have done several challenges and assist others through the process, It is really empowering and I’m finding it super effective and time efficient for sharing my message on social media !!

Here’s my invite to you to join to and it also shows how i can use video at ease on social media having completed the challenges !!


Click here to learn more and sign up πŸ™‚

Heres to impacting our community with authentic messenges on social media!!

Christine x

40 days to abundance · life by design · live videos

Live Interview … On De-Cluttering

The challenge is complete …

De-Clutter a space in 5 days !!
Thanks to all that took part and as a gift to continue your journey I will be in touch with my e-book that outlines the process we went through in the challenge. A gift to keep you in touch with your journey x

If you missed the live interview, I chatted with Brenda Kennelly just before the challenge on my newfound course and my de-cluttering journey x

Join us on Spark Collectors facebook to continue the vibe socially …

Continue to create space and open up possibilities xx

Christine x


Empowered Women Unite

Spark Collectors ….
Women of Ireland …

Something very cool is happening !!

I sense it … A rumble of change, of women stepping up and being counted !!

We want to progress!
We want move towards our prefered experience for life !!

We have songs to sing .. and are willing to remove obstacles and conditions that up to now have been holding us stuck ..

So the good news is …

Empowered Women Unite has sprung up in response to this message …

It starts for you as a facebook page .. where you can meet three founders (I’M ONE!!)
Then progress to our survey, that allows you to nail down the skills, environment, and changes you are willing to make to witness getting unstuck and empowered in life and business if that relates to you.

Do not hesitate …. head to Empowered Women Unite, and find out your next step to joining this community !! (hint: fill in survey and email so we can guide you a freebie and free group!)

Fabulousness is YOURS TODAY !!

Christine xx
Spark Collector
Family Wholefood Health
Empowered Women Unite


Get Unstuck with my De -Clutter a room in 5 days ….


Are you experiencing frustration in your home due to clutter?!!!
As a pre-launch to GetUnstuck coaching, this is an offering with very special offer …
A practical goal focused challenge using coaching techniques designed to get you past your head and into the place where real change can ignite!!

For 5 days starting 8th Aug imagine being guided through daily tasks/steps using one hour approx per day?!
Then imagine achieving a new space / room of your choice ( although i will be recommending the place where you sleep) …
Result? You will have taken a shift in your reality from witnessing clutter in your home, and experiencing heaviness, brain fog, fatigue, lack of motivation etc, to a clearer space, which will have you moving with more ease into creating an environment that more aligned with you … resulting in a lighter, energised you with greater clarity and ease.

You will explore and address:

1. Reasons why you are witnessing clutter.
2. Techniques to assist you to release your attachment to items when you choose to.
3. Practical steps to clearing a room /space.
4. Engage with a community of participants to create conversation of encouragement.
5. Daily videos to help demonstrate each task.
6. Live questions and answers video at the end in the group

* Watch an interview on facebook live with Brenda Kennelly on my story of de-cluttering

How to take part:

Step 1.
Request to join the group community here

Step 2.
Receive message directing you to pay one off fee for the course of €25 !!!!!!!!

Step 3.
You will be then be part of the group where you will see warm up posts running up to start date 8th August


*** if you refer a friend you receive a €5 refund !!!

This course is a one off opportunity and will be served as a part of my GetUnstuck conscious coaching programme… Price tag at the moment €300

Hope to see you soon …
I cannot wait to guide you to a place of light, ease, and space !!

Spark Collector
GetUnstuck coaching

Ps: If you have further questions, connect here


Capsules of wholefood testemonies!

✨Kate Elizabeth✨
2 years of: 

No bugs 😷

No hayfever 🐝

No anxiety or depression πŸ˜₯

No dermatitis 😱

No ibs 😳

No falling asleep on the sofa 😴

No “I can’t be bothered to exercise” πŸ‘Ÿ

No bloated horrible feeling πŸ˜–

No skipped meals 🍲 
2 years of the world’s top rated supplements. πŸ‡πŸπŸŒ½

A year and a half of peace of mind.πŸ€—
Coincidence? I think not! πŸ˜„πŸ˜Ž


Mum what is a cough bottle?

This boy πŸ™‚

He is 6 ..

The cutest bull in a China shop you ll ever meet !!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜«πŸ˜

Still won’t eat a lot of vegetables !!

A few if they are raw …

He loves sugar and is always hungry…

He’s pretty typical of his age 😊

But he takes fruit and veg capsules for free and has everyday for 3 yrs !!

Is NEVER poorly

Has never been at the doctor ?!

Never had an antibiotic 😱

Asked us over winter ‘what is a cough bottle ?’…. He thought it was a cough you bought in a bottle and was wondering what he was missing out on as a lot kids were getting one !!!!

This made us smile πŸ™‚

Maybe he’s just had iron strength?!

Maybe it’s coincidence ….

… But he loves that he can eat broccoli without having to taste it πŸ˜„

So for free we are gonna keep them available to him ❀

This is a mums supply …

Sam (above) takes one fruit and and veg as being sponsored  on the children’s health study !

Start your journey as a family to get benefit from a nutrition boost or learn how to get your own franchise for €60

Here’s to your families health x