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Juice Plus+ capsules are made from a variety of 26 types of the most nutritious fruits, vegetables and berries, providing you with the benefits of valuables phytonutients, vitamins and minerals every day. These powerful antioxidants are essential to protect your body from harmful outside influences. Juice Plus+ is made from concentrated fruits, vegetables and berries that are processed straight from the harvest.

childrens health study blog
ask about the childrens health study
The juiceplus + company in co-operation with franchisees contribute free juiceplus+ to children with every adult order ….. Available for 4 years during a childs development up to 21 yrs!

from farm to capsule
The unique transparency of the juiceplus + company allows franchisees to share with friends and contacts the process of developing a capsule from vine ripened fruit veg and berries!


Check out my family’s experience with juiceplus+  in my post today I’m blowing my trumpet 

Here’s me talking about the One Simple Change Programme we have adopted as part of our journey 😊

For more information on how Juice Plus+ products are made or to order your capsules today, contact me on 00353868098924

or check out how the wholefood products may suit you @healthylivingrules 

visit family wholefood health to connect with our journey with juiceplus franchise and to start your health journey with us 

Ps: check out further the One Simple Change programme 

inspiring healthy living around the world


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