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Hope~Beyond the Dark

I think this video of a mums experience of her son and his psychosis points out a few issues I recognise as important in life now as we know it today. I wanted to share it here and Thanks for the original share “out of a great need ” x

feeling alone … Whether by yourself or alone in company …. personal stories can offer a heart to someone who needs it, clarity about issues, understanding and hope.

An opportunity for people to share with someone their experience one they may not yet understand. It can influence people to connect with less judgement, also has the potential for the personal story teller to feel supported on a larger scale, more than with just by the people who are experiencing the same or similar, but a larger community.

I believe honesty in communication helps us operate at a higher level, bias and judgment may separate us, and hide us away from truly exposing ourselves to connect with someone else’s real experiences. Once we open our hearts to listen, we expand our capacity to love.

Truly, it’s the most newsworthy approach to topics including human issues that effect us all, and a positive step toward healing … instead of headlines that create hysteria, hatred, judgement and terror, and designed to influence people.

Sharing a personal story or experience has the capacity to impact others on a more personable heartfelt level.  In my view plays a part to creating more sophisticated human world x

Out of a Great Need

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sunday mornings resting thoughts

Use your heart to desire

Use your head to steer

Use your truth as your map

Your body as a tool

The universe is your encyclopedia

Nature is your dictionary

The world is your oyster

Where is the love?

It’s a formula

Use it 


Your soul

Be free

Christine x