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welcome to the t30 challenge support group!


Last time round, back in November I undertook this challenge…. and documented my progress with my facebook friends

This time around Ive got a group following the same plan!!

Heres the welcome to the group meaasge I put up yesterday for members.

To be part of this journey into health connect with me here

heres to a great 30 day journey…. transforming into thriving vessels of health!!

Christine x

transform in 30 days · wholefood family health

hormone health !!!

The answer to healthy hormones!!!!

In biology class in school I remember the endocrine system … and learning to recall all the labels in the diagram of the related anatomy.


Of course like a lot of learning in school when your 15 …. you wonder what is point of the knowledge!!!!!

It all came back to me recently when listening to an audio by joanne keller on hormones and a healthy gut….

…… registered nurse who was inspired to open a wellness centre promoting a service for health as opposed to a sickness service.

Common in her practise were many who were unhappy with symptoms relating to unbalanced hormones. Joanne describes the chain reactions and processes our endocrine system engages in to maintain a healthy hormonal balance, also addressing modern day living and the range of triggers and interruptors we are in contact with everday …effecting how the body reacts and as a result causing hormone imbalance.

When we experience syptoms of these imbalance ( which differ widely from one person to another in both males and females) ,we often head to the g.p for answers. The only problem with  treating symptoms is that hormone replacement is often offered in isolation acting as a bandaid solution.


The wellness approach likes to look deeper into possible route causes…and treats the process of replacing hormones with those that are bioidentical ( similar to those produced naturally by the body recognised by the body ) when needed.

The testing involves several saliva tests throughout the day to understand the levels …. and understanding contributing factors to possible imbalance, such as exposures to toxins … and diet.

gut garden

A healthy gut seems to be closely linked to a healthy endocrine system.  A diet rich in antioxidants and enzymes is needed for gut health. The analogy Joanne keller uses to illustrate this is to think of the gut as a garden, and so the food we eat is like planting the seeds that will ensure the garden flourishes. However, just like when we neglect any garden we find unwanted pests and nasties that inhibit the healthy growth and cause decay.

So,  customers were first  surprised when Joanne began to  ask her clients at the  wellness centre about their diet, in relation to symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Joanne keller shares a recording describing in detail her whole view of hormonal conditions…the types relating to male and female issues, the importance of certain supplements including vitamin d ( which I learned is a hormone not a vitamin!) … probiotics and how they can contribute to  a healthy gut, as well as a diet rich in raw fruit and veg.

My T30 Challenge

I’m now halfway in my 30 day challenge to maximise the amount of raw fruit and veg I eat on a daily basis including and supported by fuit, veg and berry wholefood capsules and plant based protein. It has only heightened my awareness of the lack of this amount of nutrition within a standard family such as ourselves.
I became conscious of how to bridge our gap with a wholefood fruit and veg supplement through information sharing and promoting from health care professionals such as Joanne Keller
You can hear the in depth recording by Joanne here. ( forward to minute 5 to skip the intros etc.)

To find out more on wholefood nutrition visit Family Wholefood Health

transform in 30 days · wholefood family health

day 5! feeling younger!!!!!!

Morning! 10am and I’ve already had 7 portions of raw fruit and veg!!! day 5 into the transform in 30 days and how do I feel?….  well….younger!!!! (spring in my step, lighter, more alert and smiley).

I have taken to the blended meal for breakfast and lunch with no problems … but have tweaked my recipe, opting for a bit of heat in the mix, as it is winter now. I found by adding warmed water and a bit of ginger or chilli, I’ve discovered a real comforting blend that works for me. It usually contains berries ( bought frozen but thawed before use) baby spinach leaves, curly kale leaves, orange, banana, ginger and warm water….along with my plant protein powder and fruit and veg capsules.

apple and basil breakfast the makings of my breakfast smoothie …. and my new taste discovery for snack time APPLE AND BASIL !!!!!! YUM

Absolutely without a doubt i feel fantastic!! The fact that I have that much nutrition servicing my body HAS to be good. I haven’t had any detox symptoms in making the change, but I guess that is down to incremental changes I have made in the last 9 months taking wholefood fruit and veg capsules. I don’t want to sound too cocky though …….25 days to go!

Why Transform 30?

This programme involved a nice portion of common sense as regards what a person like me ( a busy mum without an avid excerise regime) could handle.

1. I can blend the whole foods instead of juicing ( time factor in cleaning juicers and waste in throwing away the pulp of the food.

2. I didnt have to cut food altogether …. like a juice fast, that is too big a change to get my head around!

3. Its not focused on weightloss … but rather lifestyle / health changes. Weightloss if needed being a by product as opposed to a goal.

4. Its origin comes from a mum and biochemist Dr. Mitra Ray whom I’ve grown to respect over the months since establishing family wholefood health.

5. This program is in alignment with everything I believe to be true on healthy eating. My preference being to abolish processed food altogether in favour of fresh wholefood produce.

Apart from my eating plan, I need to excericise for 40 minutes 3/4 days in the week. I kick started this yesterday with a 7km brisk walk with my accountability partner ( someone to bounce ideas off, joins arms with, encourage and support, and meet up for excerise….highly recommended!

So that’s it for today! If your still wondering what all the fuss is about eating non-processed food in favour of fresh wholefood watch fat, sick and nearly dead. Its a documentary about an aussie guy who decides after a health scare to drastic change his lifestyle for 60 days!

ps: have you ever made your own fresh peanut butter? check out my recipe 🙂

transform in 30 days

challenges on day 2???!!!…so soon?

Well actually the challenges started the day before I started.


….. because I didnt feel prepared
… you see i had visions of having all my grocery shopping done and meals planned for the first few week before I took such a leap into non-processed food and so much plant based eating!!! It is a BIG step!!

…. because of midterm break and kids…. and halloween ….. and the cleaning that had to be done around the house …. I felt poorly prepared for this. I contemplated putting it off until Monday, to give me the week-end to get prepared and feel confident…..

….. then, for some reason I had a flash back to the time when I was deciding the right time to have children!! … and I dont even know if its right to compare the two decisions but its how my head worked so here I go.

so … on having kids. The first it was am I the right age?…. number 2 … is this age gap gonna work? and finally ….should we have another in the middle of a recession!!!!

I couldn’t help wonder now,  3 kiddies later how life would be, had I waited till I was prepared!!!!!

….. well it was at thos point that I wrote Day1. in the journal and just GOT TO IT!….(to the eating challenge i mean)

so …. as with any goals

Why wait till later …. till after christmas …… or until a health scare etc.

It’s like this … I have made gradual changes over the last 9 months in my health as well as studying the best ways I can maintain, improve, and celebrate optimize it. The only thing standing in my way is time …. and now  3 days in …. the countdown is on and I’m transforming from the inside out on the T30 CHALLENGE!!

tomorrow: More challenges..more triumps and maybe some talk on before and after pics..

right now…. I’m uber exited about my veggie packed omelette I’m planning for dinner … seriously, I REALLY am 🙂

ps: todays highlight veg sticks: celery, pepper, chicken strips and tomatoe salsa dip get recipe here

veggie sticks and salsa dip