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no bake flap jacks

Heres what you need

2 cups oats

60g butter

1 tblsp honey

1 tblsp good peanut butter …. or make your own

mixed seeds chia and linseed mix

4 squares of dark choc ( 75% cocoa)

Heres what to do

line a baking tray with parchment / baking paper

melt the butter in the saucepan

add the oats, peanut butter, honey and mix through until mixture come together in the saucepan. (adjust ingredients if necessary ….add a little extra butter, or honey if mixture seems very dry.

break in the dark chocolate and stir through

Pour the mixture onto the baking paper, and pat down forming a square

pop into the fridge … or freezer for quicker setting time

when set, cut your flapjack mixture into small squares and store them in a airtight container in the fridge for use.


sharing is caring !!!

I’m doing the lunchbox challenge as a task from my role as food ambassador  for Jamie Oliver food revolution, a role I’m passionate about.

I’d love if you could share this post to inspire other families to get on board 🙂

Thanks a bunch

Christine x

***** you can tweak this recipe to taste. you can add coconut oil instead of butter, or half and half. You can leave out the choc chips, or replace with dried fruit!!

have a go !! …. with a good quality nut butter, and seed mix, its an ideal lunch box snack high in nutritional value and low glycemic load, giving a slower release of energy throughout the day 🙂

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homemade protein energy bars

complete energy bars 2

I like these, as there is no oils used, they are made to my daughters taste as she dosen’t like dried fruits, and are made at a conservative cost as energy and protein bars in stores are quite pricey!!

Juice Plus+  Complete mix protein powder is free of whey and animal based proteins and consists of vegetable and grain based ingredients including soy ( fermented ) and chickpea powder, along with fruit and veg powders and ancient grains.

I’m hoping to batch cook these and use them for lunch boxes, and as an energy snack to support the increased physical activity in our house!!

hope the recipe is helpful

Christine x

recipes that saved the day · wholefood family health

What’s for breakfast?

What to do when the old favourite fades? We had this in our house at breakfast time.

we were doing so well!!!!

Not to allow commercial cereals into our house…

.but they started creeping back in ….. we were all tired of porridge after the long winter!!

winter was easy …. Porridge oats with honey :mrgreen:

…… But how to get as good as that but a change that was tasty and gave us that slow release energy to get us through to lunch?

….. and the answer?


….. not hot with honey though but ……


Here’s how I made ours and there are lots of variations you can try

You need


Nuts and seeds ( soak overnight to remove toxins)

Dried fruit of your choice ( source dried fruit if possible from local health shop that is free from sulphite preservative)

Maple syrup


Mix it all up and spread out on a baking sheet and toast for 10-15 min

Store in airtight container and serve with some fresh fruit and spoon of natural yogurt if you wish!

Now…. To make this more versatile Check out Jamie Oliver’s Granola dust! ( handy to add to smoothies and for Kids Who are fussy about eating the granola as is)

ps: at week-ends we do french toast or pancakes using oat flour!

Pps: check out post handy bites to find out more on low glycemic index for slow release energy