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Nervous mum! 

So ….. I went for the big one on my lunchbox challenge!!

….. The courgette savoury muffin

….. Except i went hardcore no white flour, baking powder, just goodness!

….. But will it be a line crossed?

… Will the kids come home and tell me there was kids gathered around their table shouting ewwwww!

I’m expecting the worse …. and hoping for the best!!!

I’m up for tweaking the recipe so it doesn’t look so much like a raw food vegan health market purchase ( heehee it wouldn’t qualify of course with the eggs)

I know it’s tasty by the look of it, but I served it in bun cases so I’m afraid there may be confusion …..

….. that it’s a healthy bread pretending to be a cup cake lol!!!

…. I should’ve just made it in a loaf tin !!!!!

Ah well,

Too late now!!!

It’s gone to the unjust biased audience of kids that show no mercy with their opinions!!!

I can’t wait for the feedback!

……as I nervously bite the tops of knuckles ……

Wish me luck!!!

Christine x

Ps: vegan health markets are actually my idea of a slice of heaven

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How to get better value from a chicken!

We are trying to eat a lot more meat free dinners in our house. 

One way to eat less meat, is to buy less and make it stretch longer in the food we prepare.

In my shopping I get a free range chicken, and have learned how to use it to full capacity.

Much better value on the purse, and ethically,  we get the most out of one chicken, instead of having to drop standards and buy less quality fillets to bulk up dinners!

So with one free range chicken here’s what we typically can get out of our meals.

Roast chicken
We start with a roast chicken dinner. We generally use the legs and one breast of chicken to accompany roast potato and veg.


The next day, I generally tear the rest of the meat from the bones and put it in the fridge.

Then I place the carcass in a saucepan, with an onion, mixed herbs, and water, boil and simmer for 20 mins, to make a fresh chicken stock.

You can freeze this if you wish to use later. I have a very small freezer so I usually go ahead and add sea salt, and mixed veg, maybe a tin of tomatoes and we have soup for lunch!

Stir fry

The refridgerated chicken, I use then, to mix into a stir fry veg dish with noodles, or add to my kids korma recipe. Other ideas …. chicken wraps sandwiches for lunch, or fajitas!


So summary …. dinners and lunch from a 6 euro free range chicken …

 A family of 5 …. That’s a cost of 1.20 euro per person for three meals …. Not bad!!!

Consider this when doing up a menu plan for the week … can I get the most out of a fresh free range chicken. 

…. A bit of planning ensures that instead of wasting left overs after your roast chicken, and buying extra fillets for more dinners, we can avoid bulking up on extra meat unessessarily.

 It’s easy to get into the habit of using your chicken wisely, helping your health, your budget and respecting the source of the nutrition, the chicken, reared to feed you!

I am looking consciously at health in my family, and share my health story and tips via this blog and Facebook. 

You can support this by contacting me via family wholefood health. You can also hire me to give a free health talk in your area!

I have also teamed up recently with oneyummymmy to spread the good food message by following guidelines of Jamie’s food ambasador program.

Please share with friends and help with my healthy living revolution!! 
XX Christine

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Kids korma friday

Train your kids to love the spices!!!

This mild easy korma will get the kids smiling about curry!!

happy kiddies happy grown ups!!

This dish is not exclusively for children either!!

Search the cupboards for

Fresh or ground ginger 1/2 tsp
ground coriander 1/2 tsp
turmeric 1 tsp
garamasala 1 tsp
Corn flour 1tblsp
Vegetable stock ( cube or fresh)
coconut milk 1tin

From the fridge

Natural Greek yogurt 2 cups
Leftover chicken …. Or variety of cooked veg

To make

Drizzle some oil of your choice into a saucepan. Add ginger and spices, and stir until the aroma lifts from the pan!

Take it off the heat.

In a separate bowl mix yogurt and corn flower then add to fried spices and stir.

Add then the coconut milk and stock cube or concentrated stock, made with 1/4 cup water.  Add your left over shredded chicken or cooked veg

Turn on the heat low and let the sauce work its magic! Leave it on low simmer for 15 mins and add little water if needed.

Nows the chance to make some rice to accompany your sauce!!

Another side dish idea to this is to boil and cube potatoes and mix through fresh spinach leaves whilst potatoes are hot wilting the spinach nicely but not over heating it.

It’s a winner with my bunch, and you can also do some homemade chips instead of rice and potatoes …. You know your kids best!!

So give it a whirl and tell me how you went!

Thanks for reading,

Remember if you like and share it gives someone else the chance too!

Have a super week-end!!

Christine x

* Image at top purchased from instagraphics until I replace with my own!!

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How to tackle all tastes in the family without going bonkers!!

Sometimes theres no way around it…I find myself flying by the seat of my pants amid chaotic routines of kids extra curricular activities,  my own work etc. ….. and mealtimes can be a challenge! !

So how do I dish up something  nutritious,  tasty, also addressing everyones quirks and tastes on a busy friday evening…..whilst trying to focus on my own needs, day 4 of my personal clean eating challenge??

….My taste spuds were asking for spice so i had my sights set of a red curry. With no prep time and my usual hour window to get everyone fed heres how I managed!

Raw veg

Some of mine will only eat veg raw!!…. and its hardly something to complain about from a nutritional standpoint, so as I was preparing chopped veg I put aside extra for offering raw veg at the table …..


Next ….. I put a dozen chicken legs in the oven to roast

In another pot I had basmati rice

….and in another I had my thai curry paste and coconut milk.


Everything prepared separately, I was able feed the kids rice, chicken and veg..
…..Whilst I added the veg and chicken to my red curry sauce

Cauliflower rice

An extra to my dish, I tried out cauliflower rice to have half and half with the basmati rice.. Link below to get instructions!

So ….. we sat down to eat.
I had a tasty red curry with basmati and cauliflower rice …
Kids had chicken drumsticks rice and veg…. raw on the side!!!!


Everyone fed …. catered for without compromising my own culinary tastes!!

Not bad for a hectic friday evening in our house!!!!!!

Have you ever tried cauliflower rice? Heres how to do it x

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