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Baby led weaning style

Great article shared in today’s paper 😊

… and brings back memories of my baby led weaning days!

What seems like a lifetime ago (only 4ish yrs) since I introduced my last to solid food,  I remember the advice I had gathered how this  approach to weaning fostered a healthy independent relationship with food for a child, and encouraged the strengthening in mouth muscles for speech later … and I’ll admit the added perk 

It just seemed so convenient!!!!

On my first born, I spoon fed, and I loved  puréeing the foods and attentitively spooning rice mix, whilst filming every expression 😊

… Who has the time for the ones that follow after?! 

So I was excitable when I heard about and observed from new mums that had discovered the baby led weaning way,

I continued to have a fabulous experience observing my next two kids, as they sucked the life out of a stick of raw cucumber … and fingered there way around every morstle of food, deciding what to eat and what to leave, and I watched them thrive every step of the way 😋


sam i am … tucking into a corn on the cob
Of course, eventually utensils were introduced, and that’s when it got messy, and yes sometimes frustrating ..

I do believe the independent nature, (offering weaning baby pieces of whole food) helped them form their tastes, and develop their independence.

I would encourage anyone thinking of embarking down this path with baby to check out baby led weaning groups on social media, where there is lots of parents at different stages of their baby led weaning journey ( I don’t think they existed a couple of years ago)

Thanks for reading!

Check out my present journey of healthy lunch  box challenge! Times move on!

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our Killarney value break!!!

A great budget few nights in Kerry!

We found this place on a scouting trip in Killarney last year.

A few mums then made a pact to return with our families, and rent out the venue for a last pre back to school adventure!

Killarney, one of the most popular vacation spots in Ireland, situated in  County Kerry, offers a fantastic base from which to discover Ireland’s south west coastline and mountain ranges.

The hostel type accommodation offers a couple of special features, making it an ideal base for large group bookings. It has several dorm style rooms, kitted out in bunk beds, sleeping 44 people all up!

…. There is a number of bathrooms, a large reception area in what was once the church hall, and a high functioning kitchen to cater for large groups.

Super for scouting groups etc. as there is grass covered walled area around the house for pitching tents, and concrete areas for bbq’s etc.

Our group consisted of about 6 adults and 16 kids, and we stayed for 3 nights. Some stayed one and two nights, and the cost 100 euro per family!

The biggest attraction to staying there, was its proximity to Muckross house and gardens, historical village and pet farm, torc wAterfall, and Muckross abbey ( where the kids put down several hours a day free play!!)


the walk from house to abbey, after crossing the very busy kenmare road!


cleo the horse take us to torc!


We had a two hour dash to Killarney town shopping ( and stocked up on loads of art and craft bits) 

Otherwise it was the company of the other adults and kids that provided much laughter and memories!

I would highly recommend this as for large groups ( I think it has hosted many 40th birthday bashed etc.)

You do need to bring bedding ( for the plastic covered mattresses) and heating and electricity is included in the cost.


its a hard knock life for us! ! the tune coming from the girls dorm in the evenings … we all took turns of playing the role of mrs hannigan

I’ve very small amount of pics … Which is probably a sign we were more revelling in the experience and super busy caring and supervising the large bunch of youngsters from 4-14 …. I regret no pics of the favorite spot …. Muckross abbey!!


my youngest at torc waterfall

Others would perhaps make the stroll down to the pub, or for a spa treatment at the local hotel (also a stroll)

…. But this time was about kids and nature and pooling resources to have s killer budget break!!!

And that marks the end of school summer hols 2015!!!

…. A bit reluctant to head into first term, summer being my favorite holiday …..there’s always the hope of a few hot weekends in September!!!!

Thanks to Rachel, Teresa, Martina clodagh and mike, Maureen, Petra … Your kids are all dotes and were the best type of company for my own!!!

…..and ye weren’t bad company yersevles!