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Gluten free health? 

Hey there!! 

Have just been on Facebook live talking about my thoughts about gluten free produce!! 

Watch and join the conversation here

In other news… 

We made our own crisps!! 

No transfats no MSG and free of hidden gluten…  And YUM!! 

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 Christine xx

recipes that saved the day · wholefood family health

homemade protein energy bars

complete energy bars 2

I like these, as there is no oils used, they are made to my daughters taste as she dosen’t like dried fruits, and are made at a conservative cost as energy and protein bars in stores are quite pricey!!

Juice Plus+  Complete mix protein powder is free of whey and animal based proteins and consists of vegetable and grain based ingredients including soy ( fermented ) and chickpea powder, along with fruit and veg powders and ancient grains.

I’m hoping to batch cook these and use them for lunch boxes, and as an energy snack to support the increased physical activity in our house!!

hope the recipe is helpful

Christine x