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Dont be prisoned by calories…  Liberate your life !!

We have an event coming this week.

Partnered with the company that boast the most researched nutritional product worldwide, we bring you …

Healthy living revolution!!! 

No counting calories and trying to cheat the chemistry of the body into being skinny!! 

I’m talking about Health 

…. Spin of from this is vitality,  feeling great and longterm Wellness. 

Stress, in forms of environmental lifestyle choices and support, can leave us a bit flat, we can  experience sickness disease, and in a web of stress its sometimes hard to know that it can be better!! 

So I present a new way, in form of basic nutrition, and families are learning that it can get better…  

When you learn how healthy feels… 

Its hard not to spread the good news!! 

Come and share with us, an exciting time, celebrating how healthy feels… 

Book a seat this thursday by responding to this event, and we will enjoy sharing our stories with you, tips and small simple changes that can make all the difference!
Thank you,

Heres to healthy energy!! 

Don’t forget,

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Christine x

life by design · testemonials · wholefood family health

Super Saturday with the Juice Plus Franchise!!! 

The National Juiceplus Event took place in Dublin this weekend!! 
 …. Live video on arrival! 

I was lucky to be there (well wouldnt miss it really)  with my team representatives 🙂
The morning kicked of with Nutritionist/Scientist and founder of Gourmet Fuel, Emma Buckley.

Emma gave a down to earth practical presentation on how to adapt the ‘one simple Change’ for health.

One tip/ reminder Emma shared was how to teach kids to hydrate!  

Indeed she also encouraged everyone, the next time hunger calls in between meals,  to simply have a glass of water to determine if we are in need of food,  or simply missreading our bodies cues; that being the need for hydration!! 

She teaches her son to check his urine colour in the toilet, to create his own awareness of what hydration looks like (if his urine is a very light straw Colour, he calls out “Mum im hydrated!! “) A cute,  yet very practical tip! 

Next we had health testemonies from customers, and well,  with not a dry eye in the house we again understood the impact of the synergy of wholefood on the overall health of our bodies, and the potential of upgrading  our cells as we continue to feed health!!

With only 8% of customers being franchise owners, a new challenge is set for us to help others build an income from sharing this product. 

The Women’s Business panel was next to inspire the room with stories of how this business choice has changed their lives, and they did just that! 

 Detailing how this path has impacted their family lives, offering time freedom and expanding choices ,  and yet only the tip of the iceburg of potential of this business with growth steadily increasing worldwide! Inspiring!! 

The nuts and bolts of utilising the tools and resources available to start ups were shared next and the finale came from Birgit Plane. 

Yeah she was great ….. 
Birgit Plane :

 Birgit (exsurgical nurse) and her husband (exbanker) have been with The Juice Plus+ Company for 27 years and are wildly successful!!

They have been approached countless times by other businesses with lots of perks and promises. Birgit said that they have literally seen 120 of those businesses fail. 

‘Nothing in all of those years has even come close to the opportunity that we have with Juice Plus+, the product and the company!’

Network Marketing again leading the way as the most flexible for busy people, offering maximum earning potential ….. and with a strong threat of personal growth, this may be your chance to discover how to use this vehicle to offer your family all of the above!! 

Heres some of the moments caught on the day

 This business is an absolute joy,  and so is the residual income!!! 

Full House!!

Lunch with legend Dave O Brien, and much team mingling!! 

Birgit Plange… Impacting her world with the JuicePlus Franchise!

For more info on this Franchise, my unique journey and how to become part of this movement, visit



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Timeless secrets of health and rejeuvenation

Im halfway though this round experience with Niamh Arthur’s light it up video challenge!

I had to get a pen and paper on the ready for this prompt, as 1k + global entrepreneurs all shared our favourite books!!!!!

Here I’m talking about a special reference book that will truly change your perspective on health!!

Enjoy!…. Im gonna be busy reading for the next while!!

Ps: Available on amazon

life by design · testemonials · wholefood family health

Why this franchise is the one for me!

So, other than being a raving fan of the benefits my family have received from wholefood capsules …

I felt the urge to share what it is about this COMPANY that fit with who I am!!

I want to expand my community of franchisees and raving fans @ family wholefood health!!

Here’s a quick intro … Under 2 mins 

Thanks for taking the time for me to explain my passion behind my drive!!

Hope it’s helpful info to someone 😊

Help me spread my story

…. Let me help!!!!

Thanks a bunch

Christine X

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I gave up using shampoo!!!…. as an experiment and as a result I found out I didn’t need it!!!

So we get up in the morning

… We use products to wash skin teeth hair, our clothes, our dishes, our floors, windows ….

…. Most of it’s nasty

I was always aware of scents, and was sensitive to strong perfumes and air fresheners, and never felt good around them, I discovered essential oils, baking soda and vinegar, and started using them effectively for cleaning the house!

At a holistic health fair I brought home a natural soap that the lady told me I could use on my hair. I tried it, found it very hard to thoroughly rinse out of my thick hair! I was told that it would take 2 weeks for my hair to adjust and in fairness I gave up!

I also bought a natural bamboo head towel for drying my hair, and when I brought it home I thought, what’s the point in using natural fibres to dry my hair if I wash the towel and my hair in chemicals!!!!

I wanted to take action without having to shop for expensive naturals from the health shop, I was looking for a cheap sustainable way to keep my hair looking natural, without being static and  frizzy, a problem shampoos and conditioners seemed to cause especially if I didn’t blow dry it with a hair dryer!

So I took action! Taking from memory tips and tricks I’d read here and there about how to survive camping, and effective tonic rinses etc. this has become my new routine.

I knew that if you leave your hair without washing it will self cleanse, but  I also knew that to do that you have to smell like a sheep and look like a greaseball, and  hands up!!! I wasn’t prepared to do it ….

This is my compromise, and finally, I don’t have a problem with frizz!!! It’s a miracle, cost effective hair cure ( for my hair anyway)

So basically, I sprinkle bread soda in through the roots of my hair whilst it’s dry. ( breadsoda def: a bloody fantastic alkaline powder that is magic!)

Then I hit the shower taking with me a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a jug .

Next …. I wash out the baking soda by just rinsing under the shower, then fill the jug with water, and use it to rinse my hair.

I continue to rinse my hair and comb through it as the vinegar has now softened the water and makes my hair combable !

That’s it! I wrap it in my bamboo towel and let it dry!

It felt little strange the first few times, like the hair was going to have residue on drying (like if you hadn’t the conditioner rinsed out thoroughly when washing your hair) but it drys fully and looks shiny, natural and doesn’t need styling!!…and smells like fresh air!

I’m impressed!! I have played around with deep conditioning mixes ( only twice in 3 weeks … sheerly for entertainment purposes) 

My favorite one so far is avocado and lemon juice, it really suits my hair and brightens the colour and adds shine! ( which is hard to achieve in fair hair) 

So DO give it a go

After hearing about the health risks of parabens and panthenols, and the plastics in most hand soaps, shampoos etc. that wash away to oceans and seas, and cause untold damage to underwater ecosystems, It seems we are just too far removed from the effects of the products we are using as a majority on our health and that of the planet!

My awareness was also heightened as I began to understand the effects of daily household toxins on our hormonal systems, and how they interrupt a healthy endocrine system! For more info on that check out the audio at the end of post hormone health

Me with my new hair 🙂

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green wraps

Fresh and light!

For those trying to give gluten the heave ho!

Lettuce wraps:

Crispy lettuce leaf

Roast turkey /chicken …. Whatever’s leftover (any meat really, but better to use leftover than buy processed slices)

Sprinkle of sea salt

Sprinkle of smoked paprika


I really feel better personally cutting right back on bread stuffs, so love ideas that cut out using wheat, and are tasty. Here are some other ideas substitute white bread from holistic healthy living

There will be lots of clean eating ideas throughout  my 30 day cleanse refresh reboot self love programme starting September 7th.

Check out details here

Gift yourself a great September!

X Christine

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How to get better value from a chicken!

We are trying to eat a lot more meat free dinners in our house. 

One way to eat less meat, is to buy less and make it stretch longer in the food we prepare.

In my shopping I get a free range chicken, and have learned how to use it to full capacity.

Much better value on the purse, and ethically,  we get the most out of one chicken, instead of having to drop standards and buy less quality fillets to bulk up dinners!

So with one free range chicken here’s what we typically can get out of our meals.

Roast chicken
We start with a roast chicken dinner. We generally use the legs and one breast of chicken to accompany roast potato and veg.


The next day, I generally tear the rest of the meat from the bones and put it in the fridge.

Then I place the carcass in a saucepan, with an onion, mixed herbs, and water, boil and simmer for 20 mins, to make a fresh chicken stock.

You can freeze this if you wish to use later. I have a very small freezer so I usually go ahead and add sea salt, and mixed veg, maybe a tin of tomatoes and we have soup for lunch!

Stir fry

The refridgerated chicken, I use then, to mix into a stir fry veg dish with noodles, or add to my kids korma recipe. Other ideas …. chicken wraps sandwiches for lunch, or fajitas!


So summary …. dinners and lunch from a 6 euro free range chicken …

 A family of 5 …. That’s a cost of 1.20 euro per person for three meals …. Not bad!!!

Consider this when doing up a menu plan for the week … can I get the most out of a fresh free range chicken. 

…. A bit of planning ensures that instead of wasting left overs after your roast chicken, and buying extra fillets for more dinners, we can avoid bulking up on extra meat unessessarily.

 It’s easy to get into the habit of using your chicken wisely, helping your health, your budget and respecting the source of the nutrition, the chicken, reared to feed you!

I am looking consciously at health in my family, and share my health story and tips via this blog and Facebook. 

You can support this by contacting me via family wholefood health. You can also hire me to give a free health talk in your area!

I have also teamed up recently with oneyummymmy to spread the good food message by following guidelines of Jamie’s food ambasador program.

Please share with friends and help with my healthy living revolution!! 
XX Christine

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Are you fed up of being fed up? 


I have spoken to many people who are just fed up of being fed up!! Low energy, sickness, feeling low… can make it hard to see the bright side of things!!

On the 11th June in my home town Thurles, I’m hosting a special event.

Designed to initiate a spark for change…

…..we have speakers we hope will ignite your spirit and help you find a path to your own change in health!

Caroline Seale …. nutritional therapist

caroline seale poster

First up is our main speaker. Caroline Seale.  Caroline helps people strive for health as a nutritional therapist.

Road to recovery

On the 11th, she will be recalling her own journey into health. Caroline was diagnosed with M.E a chronic health condition whilst in the midst of a marketing career. Her path to wellness incorporates how she treated her body with food, and how this change became the catalyst for her change of career. Her journey is one that may be somewhat relatable to many that are now aware that 75% of disease is preventable through lifestyle choices. For those who register on the night Caroline is offering a complimentary e- book !!

Bridging the Gap with One Simple Change

Also speaking on the night is Padraig O’ Dwyer, personal trainer, mentor and marketing director  of his business NewBodyShapeNow  demonstrates how to possibly bridge the nutritional gap between what we all know we should eat in fruit a veg, and what we realistically can manage  in a busy day in the modern world.

There will be personal testimonies including my own  journey with using a wholefood supplement to boost in my nutrition and I will share my own experience, with bridging my own gap in nutrition.

If you are in the locality, or would like to travel get in contact and book a seat!

I’m Proud to announce that this is a free event!.. Nothing to loose but your time! If you think you would benefit from this night get on the list!! Seats booking fast!!

Time for change! 

No more being fed up!

Make the decision for YOU!!

* Sponsored by the juice plus + company….inspiring healthy living throughout the world!


Share with friends x

me 1

Christine @ familywholefood health

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8 tips for healthy lunch boxes!!

Coming to the last term of school for the kids,

Its a struggle to say the least to fill the lunch boxes with food that

  • they will eat

  • is non-processed

  • supply them with energy to get through the day

I’ve put together 8 tips for school lunches

but first ….lets think about why we need them?

School lunches are important to get right in my opinion as ….

  • Making the most of the controlled environment of school, they don’t have fall back on snacks that might be in the cupboards at home, so if they are hungry they MAY eat whats in the lunch box….. provided its to their taste, it can get them into a super eating routine!
  • expectations in schools are high! Having to sit still for long periods at a time, focus and concentrate, throw in added social stresses of school environment, kids need to feed their bodies accordingly to keep them up to speed!!
  • Education for life!…. getting the kids to negotiate between their own taste, and nutrition benefits of different foods, filling lunchboxes can be a real opportunity for children to learn how to make decisions that will will benefit them. This kind of skill can become a valuable one they will have for life!!

 8 General rules for healthy lunch boxes

  1. Make sure it’s not all white carbs and protein ( white bread sandwich, cheese, yogurt, biscuits ) choose one of these not all of them

  2. Include choice. When preparing fruit or veg, ask your child to choose between two, this  way independance is promoted….freedom to choose food does wonders for their appetite!

  3. encourage your child to have water as a drink option.  This may take a while to get, but is worth it. If hey have juice make sure it’s fresh not from concentrate, which usually means not from a small carton, but filled into a drinks bottle. Diluting the juice as much as you get away with can help them get the water in!

  4.  Make sure to understand the reasons if they are not eating their food in school. Their may be a time issue, if they are slower at eating or social complication (someone commneting on the contents of the lunch box, or general distraction) If you understand the reasons it makes it easier to help your child to adapt, and help solve the issues.

  5. Don’t give up!! If there are big changes to be made, they wont happen overnight. Perhaps you need to make one change at a time, and offer rewards and encouragment and praise for even small efforts and improvements!

  6. Stick with it….give it 3 months of trying, not just 1 or 2 attempts. Small changes are still worth it!!!….so if you introduce any small change long term, pat yourself on the back because that is a very worthwhile change to make for your childs health!

  7. Plan in advance. On shopping day, make sure the provisions are bought to be able to follow through with a new plan. Time is precious in the mornings, so keep it convenient to limit stress!

  8. Home baked treats. If you have time, and have done some baking with the kids, try put aside a bun, or cake slice, cookie for a treat day. Something that they made themselves will give them confidence and bring back a nice memory of cooking in the kitchen. Good feelings = good appetite!!

Last important point!

Give yourself a break! I used to get stressed about getting the right foods into the kids, and in a way it has motivated me to make changes that I am proud of in my family….

……but there are plenty of times that I just sigh and shrug, and move on

….like when my youngest came in to me early morning with a big cheese and onion flavoured kiss, and realised he had got up and helped himself to crisps for breakfast!

…. or the week that I bought everyone ice cream everyday after school for a full week because I didnt have the mental will power to stand up against the constant begging for treats!

here are my good day lunch boxes that I try and keep going with much success!

lunch box11010969_1046162728889521_2393250695528851711_n11205015_1047096688796125_4518409725485875008_n

as you can see, they are simple, less processed and a bit of variety. These are going with my kids tastes aswell. We sometimes add a greek yogurt.

I often admire blogs that display sandwiches shaped into dragons and smiley faces on cookies etc, and kids love that ….

but being realistic I don’t have time to keep that up! The closest we usually get is our novelty shaped cookies, or stamping the first letter of the childs name on them.


I think these below are very cute however …. the idea was used to promote healthier snacks at a juiceplus+ wholefood nutrition event in Australia….I thought they were very effective!


My kids benefit from concentrated wholefood   supplement juiceplus+ ….  find out how families are benefitting from the childrens health study

lunch boxes

keep smiling!! heres my daughter …. a picky eater as a toddler has come on in spades!!

Kids haven’t started lunch box stage yet? Check out top tips for fussy eaters by oneyummymummy

thanks for reading,