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Restoring furniture / creative home

we found this is a neighbours shed!

Had to treat it for woodworm

It was pretty battered … but pretty nonetheless 


Before shot

It seemed fitting to house it in our new build as it had been part of the neighbourhood for years, and with a new lease of life, it had potential to take pride of place in our sunroom / dining room (depending on the season! )

I pick out the colours, and prefer to paint canvas, it’s my husband who gets creative with furniture painting!

So here’s what he came up with for the big wall! Whatcha think?



Making our house full of personalised creations aligns us with how we value creativity in our lives …

Paddy my hubby did an creative painting course using Annie Sloan paint and creative techniques for furniture, check out revamped dining table

…. A great little investment for our family as he’s becoming a dab hand for up cycling old and odd pieces!

His background is constructive concrete and is preparing for some future pieces of interior using concrete

….. Watch this space!

*Create the change you want to see in your home!


Ps: take a look at my ideals around creating a space around values in my de-clutter post

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Revamped old dining table

My eyes rolled when I saw the old pine dining table in the hallway…. 

Another piece of furniture we have no room for?

My husband is great for picking up stray bits… esp wood, and has great skill in bringing old pieces back to life … But this time I couldn’t see past the fact that there was an old dining table blocking my way to the coat rack in the hallway!!!!

I even asked him …. Where do you see this in the house? His reply knocked my confidence in the project even further …. “We ll find somewhere for it”

Don’t get me wrong, he’s fixed up some nice pieces that I love around our home, I was afraid he was turning into a magpie and had visions of piles of unwanted furniture stacked up in the hallways and empty corners of the house!!

Faith restored!!

After a discussion about changing the colour of our front door,  we started our inventory for outside living for summertime! 


New outdoor dining!.,., featuring a painted pine dining table weatherproofed and sun inspired!!!!

Accompanied by wooden outdoor preloved chairs painted to match our front door!!

Alls well that ends well

Thanks Paddy for the makeover!!

I’ll get busy on the soft furnishing and dining ware 😊

……. And just in time for summer!


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