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5 tips on how to succeed on a cleaneating challenge in a family setting!!! 

It’s all well and good planning and prepping for the cleaneating challenge when preparing meals for just you … 

motivation at its highest point just before any challenge!! 
…. Sometimes though, even more challenging, is the rest of the family during the challenge…  They often expect the usual food that has been on the menu, and this may not always hit the mark with cleaneating requirements!! 
So you have 3 options as i see it.

#1 Enforce your plan on everyone!! 

…. That means announce that the whole family is eating clean with you!!  (prob have your running shoes on and prepare to be chased to the hills!) 
#2. Put the energy into YOUR plan and dish up fast oven pizzas / frozen food dinners for the rest of the posse!!

#3. Try to pre – plan with all tastes taken into account and make meals that have adaptability and need many of the same ingredients …. Including lots of doubling up on fresh meals that can be frozen and repeated the next week. 

So which option do I use? 


Honestly…..  Probably a mixture of all three!! 

Overall my family eat healthier for sure when I add an awareness to my own eating. 

Heres my top tips for managing such a challenge!! 

1. Don’t announce !!

 ….  that you are going to be eating differently and definately don’t preach the benefits of Clean eating!!   (you ll either get mega support with everyone wanting to help in the Kitchen … I mean waaaay more help than you can manage) 


You ll get a complete negative reaction, and you ll feel your swimming against the tide just making the process a lot more work than needs be! 

2. Plan!!!!

Yes do out a mealplan.  Base it on the level of family activity in the house on different days. Have the provisions for lots of family favourite meals, so that you can keep energy for the personal challenges you may encounter on your clean eating challenge.

3. Build curiosity!  

Although this challenge is ultimately about you….  You will attract questions, and kids will often express interest, which allows for conversations around appropriate simple changes they can get on board with. 

4. Dont expect to reach expectations!!  It’s often way more effective to take on simple changes and incremental steps towards eating healthier, than an all or nothing approach that often feeds our nature to be hard on ourselves! Change is often a rollercoaster, and sometimes undertaking cleaneating can ignite a detox that can feel unpleasant,  and get ready for mood swings when reducing stimulants such as sugar and caffeine! 

5. Know this.... 

If you even adopt one healthier change and sustain it longterm….  It will have a positive influence on yr overall health!!

Don’t have a success / failure atitude…  Its not a diet!!…. You will however increase awareness and make the start to positive health changes…  Each time adding new changes and growing your awareness of eating wholefood … Long term change!! 

Im in the middle of a cleaneating challenge and share my foodplan and challenges along the way ….

You can view it here…  No need for e-mail, Just join the facebook group and view the posts in yr newsfeed whenever it suits!! 

Tonight i dished up homemade pizzas for the Kids … We shared homemade chunky oven chips, and i made ratatouille to go with my chips!! 

Win/win !!


Veggie ratatouille… Clean ..  tasty   Mmmm …. Jamie Oliver recipe for ratatouille  here

Thanks for reading 

Share with friends 

Heres to your health 

XX Christine 


Get started on yr cleaneating challenge! 

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Playing with magisto iPhone app

My daughter loves gymnastics and making movies

So this week-end we had some fun with magisto!! 

Would love to know if your experience with using this!!

We made this on free package and was wondering had anyone used the business package and found it worthwhile? 

Have a great active fun week-end!!!

Family wholefood health ( a.k.a the 5 fannings 😊)

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Why this franchise is the one for me!

So, other than being a raving fan of the benefits my family have received from wholefood capsules …

I felt the urge to share what it is about this COMPANY that fit with who I am!!

I want to expand my community of franchisees and raving fans @ family wholefood health!!

Here’s a quick intro … Under 2 mins 

Thanks for taking the time for me to explain my passion behind my drive!!

Hope it’s helpful info to someone 😊

Help me spread my story

…. Let me help!!!!

Thanks a bunch

Christine X

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listen to the universe whisper and you wont have to hear the screams!!… setting boundaries for pre-teens

Boys and technology!! sigh!

20130326-181922.jpg Younger and younger …. even our 4 yr old is in negotiations constantly for technology!

A busy term for our family, and the reins loosened slowly and consistently towards more game time, and internet for our first pre-teen.

Happy that he was in school every day of term, he also plays soccer, basketball, hiphop class and scouts, though I started to notice one or two excuses for not going to training, and he had lost enthusiasm for the outdoors, and had become a bit grouchy!…to say the least

I work from home, and my business is run on my smart phone using wifi …. I had it on the long finger to examine wifi in the house,  having a keen eye on healthier habits, I had already been researching ways to balance on-line time. Trying to get work done from home, it’s always enticing to let the kids have some playtime on gadgets or watch netflix, whilst trying to develop webpages, and reach deadlines!!

The signs started to appear though, and I was aware that the balance had shifted …. I had drafted a timetable with my son, but it wasn’t always adhered to, and I caved several times as he battled for more computer time, more games that were beyond his age category (I can’t talk to the others in my class if I don’t know about this game he’d say etc.) and all the while, trying to differentiate between whats normal behaviour for a pre-teen, and whats as a result of inappropriate amount of internet and gametime!!

So the bomb exploded one day when out at the park and the tantrum came ( funnily enough the issue wasn’t directly around gadgets) though the attitude, language and behaviour I strongly supected was responsible!

As a result, all his priveledges were removed for 2 weeks. I braced myself for two weeks in hell, with a boy that had forgotten how to be without technology, angry for removing his lifeline, and having to deal with the aftermath!! I had put off listening to the whispering signs things were out of balance so here I was dealing with the screams!! A mums life … who’d want it?!

A couple of deep breaths and a long conversation or two, there was an aftermath of remorse, and after tantrum tears, my role was of comforter initially. My son accepted the consequences, he was without x-box, i- pod, had kicked his soccer ball up onto a roof top so he hadn’t even that! .. oh  and his bike was also confiscated due to taking off on it without permission during the conflict / tantrum.

So… how does a young man cope, being stripped of technology and priveledges to visit friends etc???

There were moments of begging and unacceptance of consequences, but I thought it would be more intense to be honest … I knew it would be worth it in the end, and I held tough ( I also was very straight in my head that the previous behaviour not re -occur, so consequences HAD to be adherred to, and I was on duty to ensure that at whatever costs!)

I did make a list of the things that my 11 year old did with his time, instead of time he normally would be engaged in technology.

Note: I did not give him any suggestions here, he had to come up with things to do himself, and any hints of inappropriate behaviour or language / attitude toward anyone he knew he was facing longer without privaledges!!

heres the list!

  • He danced to a c.d
  • Coloured sugar skulls for halloween with dad
  • Did food shopping in the supermarket working from a list
    I wrote for him on request
  • Baked a cake from scratch without a recipe, and made chocolate sauce to go with it!
  • Made an obstacle course for his younger brother and sister
  • Cleaned and swept out the playroom
  • Made soup for the family
  • played hurling outside
  • Mastered the back handspring on the trampoline
  • Did a pros and cons list for the two choices of secondary school he will be going to next year
  • Read a book (Ripleys believe it or not)
  • Changed his mind and decided to dance in the hiphop performance on halloween after deciding not to do it previously
  • wrestled with his brother and sister for hours (hard on mum to listen to the mayhem!!)
  • Made a soccerball out of a balloon with a bit of water in it for weight!

We also found him

  • less aggressive
  •  improved language
  • calmer
  • relationship with brother and sister improved ( his sister was on a high that he was available to hang around with her)

Come halloween he got his bike back this week, and enjoyed an afternoon at the local skate park … his electronics are to be locked away for another week

*We are in negotiations with him now on incorporating the games and youtube time into his day.

He  is still looking to push boundaries all of the time, even whilst at the swimming pool he was repeatedly asking if he could go into the sauna and steam room after I explained it was for 16 year olds…. same with movies … always pushing for movies rated beyond his years. This, I figure is normal run of the mill stuff for someone his age.

So I have one more week to develop a plan moving forward!
For now, I have made a decision to put a timer on wifi to come on for a half an hour in our house. (found out how to do it through our internet provider) … otherwise I’m going to turn it off. After that I’m thinking  one hour on a devise of his choice (including t.v) with one day detox/break  with no devises.

Surley it won’t be that hard  for him, as he does have school, soccer, basketball, scouts, hiphop … but unscheduled time is important to have too, and I think its a struggle for young people to figure out how to entertain themselves without planned activities.

My son is a sensitive, creative, fun loving free spirit that is precious to us, and that is my motivation to keep him along the vein of not dulling his feelings/ character with gaming and internet abuse, and help him create balance in his world. Hopefully we can find a balance thats right for him, and that is in better alignment with how we want to be as a family!

Thanks so much for reading!

Lesson learned! Listen to to warning signs … not always easy I know. In this case, we hope by acting on this strongly moving forward we can teach our son balance in his life … a lesson he may find valuable later in life!

Anyone been through/ going through similar?

Here are some great guidelines to  to consider around internet wifi devices from a physical health perspective, its from mommypotomas


Christine x

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Are you fed up of being fed up? 


I have spoken to many people who are just fed up of being fed up!! Low energy, sickness, feeling low… can make it hard to see the bright side of things!!

On the 11th June in my home town Thurles, I’m hosting a special event.

Designed to initiate a spark for change…

…..we have speakers we hope will ignite your spirit and help you find a path to your own change in health!

Caroline Seale …. nutritional therapist

caroline seale poster

First up is our main speaker. Caroline Seale.  Caroline helps people strive for health as a nutritional therapist.

Road to recovery

On the 11th, she will be recalling her own journey into health. Caroline was diagnosed with M.E a chronic health condition whilst in the midst of a marketing career. Her path to wellness incorporates how she treated her body with food, and how this change became the catalyst for her change of career. Her journey is one that may be somewhat relatable to many that are now aware that 75% of disease is preventable through lifestyle choices. For those who register on the night Caroline is offering a complimentary e- book !!

Bridging the Gap with One Simple Change

Also speaking on the night is Padraig O’ Dwyer, personal trainer, mentor and marketing director  of his business NewBodyShapeNow  demonstrates how to possibly bridge the nutritional gap between what we all know we should eat in fruit a veg, and what we realistically can manage  in a busy day in the modern world.

There will be personal testimonies including my own  journey with using a wholefood supplement to boost in my nutrition and I will share my own experience, with bridging my own gap in nutrition.

If you are in the locality, or would like to travel get in contact and book a seat!

I’m Proud to announce that this is a free event!.. Nothing to loose but your time! If you think you would benefit from this night get on the list!! Seats booking fast!!

Time for change! 

No more being fed up!

Make the decision for YOU!!

* Sponsored by the juice plus + company….inspiring healthy living throughout the world!


Share with friends x

me 1

Christine @ familywholefood health

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Easter treats!!

Easter time!!!

We were invited to mums for a lamb roast!! Reunion with family and cousin on hols from Australia, was nice to dig and share food this spring!

Had taken a day off from t30 to enjoy the treats served up at dinner.

Mum …. A raving fan of family wholefood health was inspired to serve me a special and specific type of feast …… I was impressed



Nice glass of wine and strawberry and raspberry trifle after I was happy and satisfied! Soooo nice to have food served up to me too ….. A nice change!

Gorgeous flower bouquets and chocolates came my way too 💝

We also tasted a brew from a local micro brewrey … Made from fresh non GMO hops white gypsy have a range of beer, ale and stout….. With a 9% alcohol content…. Great value as you need less good quality alcohol knowing we were supporting local and celebrating with good quality!!

Happy Easter everyone!!🎈

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A self confessed self helper! I know! how uncool

Hi my name is Christine,

…. I am committed to self helping ways of improving my life and promoting a state of thriving health, well being and personal development. I confess to not being cynical!  and am (painfully to some) accepting of optimism in all shapes and forms!!

optimism I have however, started the ride of my life!!

For many years leading up to now, I have been operating as a sum of how I was taught, the sum of my experiences and a result of my memories. It has been fun in many ways!… but I feel like I have been operating as a consumer of thoughts and ideas suggested and imposed on me in the form of family, peers, social and economic positiions, and so I decided to take on a different approach!

Removing the worst influencers

I had to stop watching the news…. and t.v

I had to be committed to being selfish!!

I had to  be committed to chasing joy!!

Now … because I looked into how much power I hold to experience my world, a number of tools, people, synchronicities have been presented… and have changed me … or who I was trying to pretend to be.

I was a bit of a people pleaser….now instead I realise Its ok not to  gravitate towards conflict, and for that reason I dont experience it much… the difference though between the two, is being happy with my opinions, and recognising  not to shy away from learning from my interactions with others….

My beautiful plan ….

I found my Mentors
People that I can interact, learn, feed from.
I turned to a lady Jen Blackstock in her 40 days to abundance program, who offered me a japa chant that I turn to to shut off my inner chat and help me focus on the true me.
Entrepreneurs… People who have succeeded in breaking down barriers to build a life fostering creativity, imagination and moulding those qualities into a formula for manifesting energy…..

in the form of designing a living that shines from the soul

offering the most from knowledge skills talents and unlimited possibilites.

People like Annita Roddick of the body shop, Jim Rohn form network marketing fame, and Richard Branson, all igniting what is in us all, tapped into and shining through them like a beacon of fresh air!!

open your mind

Spiritual connection
For those that hold a knowing, that we are all unlimited beings of light fragmented to have an experience on this planet, will appreciate the beauty and miracle of a very special program thats dear to my heart. The conscious creators program for those of us that feel a want to unblock inner potential, recognise it in ourselves and in all beings, and live accordingly! Mr Brian Rigeway , founder and facilitator of this program, has in my life been the catalyst for a huge shift in my way of being in the world. I have yet to send his testemonial for his site but will share it with you very soon.


True health

Andreas Moritz, crossed my path, and his personal healing journey and understanding truly how the body works to try to achieve optimum health and well being.

He prolonged his journey by 20+ years, by being the student of learning his own body, and by understanding through the ancient aureveudic medicine, how the restore balance in the body, and maintain health.

This piece of writing, coupled with his video tutorials, has educated me beyond any information I have ever known about health, and has been a major influence in my journey

and now passion I found in concentrated wholefood support…now becoming a stream of income thats very relevent in my lifes journey.

human experience

Friends and family
Listening..observing, forgiving, supporting…

the people who know me the longest..the ones I take for granted and at the same time ever grateful for!

They help me create a steady continuum, as I get lost and carried away in my impulsive intentions,

they remain the lighthouses that can and do offer a deeper intuition and blind spots, that comes from loving who I am and being able then to support me and congratulate my growth.

success in daily routine

The artists
Finally, the missing piece to my journey in art and creating joy through art mediums came in another recommendation and mentoring program called the artists way, julian Cameron.

Morning pages, a tool that has kept me intuitive by working through my congested mind and body, and has taught me how to unblock my way to living my preferences, and unblocking the inner artist in me.

Self helping…formula designed by me for me

At very little expense, I willingly and openly offer my time and energy into this journey, that encompasses my role to be me.. be mum.. be in love.. be true

so self help?


Go for it!!

C x

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Price wars in family nutrition! !

I was chatting with a friend of mine today … she had just spent ten euro in the supermarket.
She got….

A bag of salad leaves
2 punnets of berries
A bag of parsnips


Berries are pricey enough in Ireland … and buying whats locally in season can help the price tag a bit ….

Fresh v frozen

Fresh local is best but frozen berries can sometimes make sense… better value for money, and are often nutritionally dense, being allowed to ripen before harvest… as opposed to the fruit termed fresh that may have had a long trip on a ship before reaching our shelves…..
This means …. on the journey, the unripe fruit may change colour similar to the ripened match, but is not indeed ripe in nutritional terms as it has been removed from the source of nutrients! (Soil)

However …..
the bigger shocker was what else you can buy at the supermarket for 10 euro????!!!!

…… only a 3 pack of processed frozen pizza plus a six pack of coca cola cans!!!!!!

.So we could bring home 3 pizzas and coke and feed about 6 kids??… of course instead of a salad starter and berry desert, more common when starting with pizza is to follow with ice cream!

….of course the payoff may be undernourished bodies that later in life need much intervention in battling against chronic illnesses diabetes obesity and heart disease!

So the question is


Please visit family wholefood health to find more info and links to a convenient and effective way to bridge the nutritional gap in your family

Christine x

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6 month family trial of juiceplus

Rachel shares her family’s journey currently after a 6 month trial of juiceplus.  Rachel is a dear friend I introduced to fruit, veg and berry capsules, initially to bridge the gap for her son who would not eat the daily allowance of fruit and veg, and was suffering symptoms of an auto immune disease psoriasis.

rachel with her sister julliette. Rachel originally from Bantry, now lives in Thurles Tipperary with her husband and family.

February 2015 what is different, in my health and my family’s health now compared to 6 months ago – I haven’t had a migraine in 6 months, my psoriasis is almost gone, 3 days after minor surgery on my leg the nurse changing my dressing said she had never seen such good recovery so quick! I haven’t had my usual 2 lots of antibiotics for strep throat, I’ve had every winter for the last 5 or 6 years. I continue to have great energy, even though I need less sleep, it’s just a better quality sleep. Daniel has no joint pain after training anymore, his psoriasis has stayed away, except for Christmas when routine went by the wayside I soon got him back on track and it cleared up again within 2 weeks. David is out in the morning at 6.30 back at 8pm, thankfully I don’t worry about him falling asleep at the wheel anymore, again he also has more energy. Thankfully so far this winter the girls have had no trips to the doctors, All positive – I look forward to updating you again, Thanks for reading.

Rachel is available to connect via facebook. This is where she originally shared her testemonial as well as at our local events in Thurles.

Ps: check out my two yr anniversary in the wholefood capsules 😊

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Today im blowing my trumpet!!!

Friends family followers and future viewers…
Im celebrating today!!
Its a few days into spring ( well according to the calendar….frosty sunshine is full of promises of snowdrops and daffodils)

We are celebrating health!!
There are 5 in our family…me (mum) my husband and three kiddies, we have just spent a full winter without any sickness, doctors visits, meds etc!

This time last year I was anxious about recurring tonsillitis in my eldest son, my own of lack of energy to deal with everyday stresses and additional financial stress.

I made a decision to make changes and steer us into a healthy zone by cleaning up meal plans, adding more nutrition and less processed food, and trial the nutritional wholefood supplement juiceplus.

We have been consuming fruit and veg wholefood capsules for 10 months and the kids are part of the childs health study which means theirs are FREE ( yep its true)

I experience increase energy, clarity, and great physical health, with clear skin strong hair and nails!!

Im a happy mama, without those anxieties about the effects of having kids on antibiotics, and being able to get on with my busy schedule in the home, and more recently as a distributor with the juiceplus company.

If you have any queries or need to find out more about how juiceplus may be able to address your road to better health contact me via family wholefood health

Thank you for reading,
Share with loved ones
Appreciate it xx

ps: to hear another testemonial from a dear friend, one of my first customers click here

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