Facebook biz pages .. Are they worth it?

Hi, I’m Christine, and most of my connections that haven’t come from offline family and friends have come from Facebook. 👍😃😊😉😁✅ I have had a preference for Facebook, as it is where I have managed to build deeper connections and relationships with people due the personal sharing nature of it as a social media network….

Family wholefood health comp!

Sharing my first Facebook page competition!!  Prize is a surprise!! I can tell you it will help you add a bit of health to your daily routine!! The draw is on the 15th August All you do is like and share the competition post at Family Wholefood Health then add your name in the comments. I…

one simple change

One Simple Change Have you considered upgrading your eating habits? Picture how you would feel on clean eating programme …. More energy, uplifted, clear skin, lighter,vibrant?? ….. How about … Getting up before the alarm clock, watching hair and nails grow with ease, seeing the glow through the skin and having a skip in your…

6 month family trial of juiceplus

Rachel shares her family’s journey currently after a 6 month trial of juiceplus.  Rachel is a dear friend I introduced to fruit, veg and berry capsules, initially to bridge the gap for her son who would not eat the daily allowance of fruit and veg, and was suffering symptoms of an auto immune disease psoriasis….