Shine on video for business!

Entrpreneurs and changemkers!!

You know I’m here for you !!!

Here’s an offer I highly encourage you check out!

It’s the shine video challenge!

A ten day free video tutorial that gets you started making vidros, whether your a total start up, getting back on the horse or looking to develop skills.

It’s also an awesome way to connect with other entrepreneurs online and make connections/build relationships!!

Check it out and hope to see you there!




Spark Collector marketing coach 


Video training /challenge 

​We re up again!! 

This has been so beneficial and fun!! 

Learn how to commincate your message on video.

Network with hundreds of entrepreneurs,  and changemakers doing the same…. 
and it’s Free!! 

“The Ignite Video Challenge is a 30 day Free challenge to help you get comfortable being yourself on camera, and learn how to create great, simple, yet powerful low-tech videos!

Each day of the challenge you get a recording tip to help you frame, light, and get the most out of your video equipment (even if that is just a smart phone!)…
AND you get a prompt so you know what to talk about!

Then you record a 2-minute video and share it in our private Facebook group with your special support circle.

This way you can practice and learn in a totally safe space!

It’s starting on Monday January 16th… so jump on in!”

Again, DON’T overthink this! It’s about getting it done and out, and as always if this doesn’t feel right… don’t do it. I want you to feel great about the promo you do this week.

Feel free to reach out if you want any support.

Keep going …. we still have tons of time before Monday to find those people who really need the challenge!