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Dont be prisoned by calories…  Liberate your life !!

We have an event coming this week.

Partnered with the company that boast the most researched nutritional product worldwide, we bring you …

Healthy living revolution!!! 

No counting calories and trying to cheat the chemistry of the body into being skinny!! 

I’m talking about Health 

…. Spin of from this is vitality,  feeling great and longterm Wellness. 

Stress, in forms of environmental lifestyle choices and support, can leave us a bit flat, we can  experience sickness disease, and in a web of stress its sometimes hard to know that it can be better!! 

So I present a new way, in form of basic nutrition, and families are learning that it can get better…  

When you learn how healthy feels… 

Its hard not to spread the good news!! 

Come and share with us, an exciting time, celebrating how healthy feels… 

Book a seat this thursday by responding to this event, and we will enjoy sharing our stories with you, tips and small simple changes that can make all the difference!
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Heres to healthy energy!! 

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life by design · wholefood family health

Are you or your children sugar junkies?

We pretty much all know now that too much sugar isn’t so good for us right?

To really understand the implications of excess sugar is helpful, and astounding really to be honest!

The fact that sticks with me about sugar, is a simple, and I never forget it….

Eating sugar supresses the immune responses in our bodies for up to 5 HOURS!…..

Simple sugars, including glucose, table sugar, fructose, and honey caused a fifty- percent drop in the ability of white blood cells to engulf bacteria. Dr Sears

Alarming news, considering the sugar in childrens breakfast cereals and snacks, and the amount of adults starting the day with a bagel, or pastry!!

Carbs!…(not all bad news)

The tricky thing about white carbs like white bread etc. is that the body converts it into sugar, giving a sugar rush short term and then a dip, leaving us crave more of the same!!! ….meanwhile our immune systems are left compromised.

bad carbs

Good carbs

The rule of thumb, is that carbohydrates that will give us good steady energy are those that have protein, and fibre. This can be found in wholegrains, fruit and vegetables.

It can be really worthwhile to take account of the type of food you or your children eat throughout the day, as there is a strong correlation between behaviour and diet, and the sugar habit can become a craving, and a cycle that continues, lessoning the bodies abilities to keep strong immune responses….. meaning we exist on a lower par. Some children will be sugar sensitive, and so monitoring diet will be important!

A few treats will not impact on your life, but a steady habit of sugar foods, and bad carbs will definately effect how you operate and how well you feel!!

 tip from us Family Wholefood Health*  Swap your sweetners in the house from white sugar to demerara brown sugar, maple syrup and real local honey….I have found this an easy swap, and one small change with big implications longterm

What one simple change can you make from where you are now? I’d love to hear it!!

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homemade protein energy bars

complete energy bars 2

I like these, as there is no oils used, they are made to my daughters taste as she dosen’t like dried fruits, and are made at a conservative cost as energy and protein bars in stores are quite pricey!!

Juice Plus+  Complete mix protein powder is free of whey and animal based proteins and consists of vegetable and grain based ingredients including soy ( fermented ) and chickpea powder, along with fruit and veg powders and ancient grains.

I’m hoping to batch cook these and use them for lunch boxes, and as an energy snack to support the increased physical activity in our house!!

hope the recipe is helpful

Christine x