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How to get better value from a chicken!

We are trying to eat a lot more meat free dinners in our house. 

One way to eat less meat, is to buy less and make it stretch longer in the food we prepare.

In my shopping I get a free range chicken, and have learned how to use it to full capacity.

Much better value on the purse, and ethically,  we get the most out of one chicken, instead of having to drop standards and buy less quality fillets to bulk up dinners!

So with one free range chicken here’s what we typically can get out of our meals.

Roast chicken
We start with a roast chicken dinner. We generally use the legs and one breast of chicken to accompany roast potato and veg.


The next day, I generally tear the rest of the meat from the bones and put it in the fridge.

Then I place the carcass in a saucepan, with an onion, mixed herbs, and water, boil and simmer for 20 mins, to make a fresh chicken stock.

You can freeze this if you wish to use later. I have a very small freezer so I usually go ahead and add sea salt, and mixed veg, maybe a tin of tomatoes and we have soup for lunch!

Stir fry

The refridgerated chicken, I use then, to mix into a stir fry veg dish with noodles, or add to my kids korma recipe. Other ideas …. chicken wraps sandwiches for lunch, or fajitas!


So summary …. dinners and lunch from a 6 euro free range chicken …

 A family of 5 …. That’s a cost of 1.20 euro per person for three meals …. Not bad!!!

Consider this when doing up a menu plan for the week … can I get the most out of a fresh free range chicken. 

…. A bit of planning ensures that instead of wasting left overs after your roast chicken, and buying extra fillets for more dinners, we can avoid bulking up on extra meat unessessarily.

 It’s easy to get into the habit of using your chicken wisely, helping your health, your budget and respecting the source of the nutrition, the chicken, reared to feed you!

I am looking consciously at health in my family, and share my health story and tips via this blog and Facebook. 

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XX Christine

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Homemade chicken nuggets!! Get the kids involved! !

Homemade chicken nuggets!!! Get the kids involved!!

Chicken breast (free range) cut into bite size pieces
Oat cakes

Get prepared!!!!
This is a great activity for children to get involved in ….. my daughter considers chicken nuggets as her favourite dinner. This lets her see that we can make our own using preferred ingredients ( there is a lot of crap in the frozen foods section calling themselves chicken!!!!)

*For safety *…. prepare the following
A sink full of hot soapy water ready for all things that come in contact with the chicken.

Cut the chicken into bite sized pieces
Beat a couple of eggs ( I had egg whites left over today so I used them) . pour beaten egg onto a plate.
Grind a few oatcakes ( about 6 for 3 large chicken breast fillets) and put crumbs on a plate


Get a  2nd plate and put a few scoops of flour onto it


Now you have 3 plates lined up ready to prepare the nuggets
Heat coconut oil in a shallow pan. You may need to add more oil as you go but start with 2 desert spoons of oil.

Then… the kids!!!!!
1. Pick up a chicken piece
2. Dip in the flour and move around until coated
3. Move chicken piece to the egg. Dip one side…then the other
4. Move it next to the oat crumb. Coat the piece of chicken.
5. Move to the pan of heated oil. (Use a tongs if you wish…depending on your childs ability)


Repeat until all chicken pieces are in the pan. Fry in the oil until crumbs are golden brown and meat is cooked through. ( cutting the chicken into smaller uniform pieces helps with this)


* guide the little ones over to handsoap and sink to wash hands thoroughly*
Move all plates utensils into sink of hot soapy water.

Plating up
Serve with homemade chips and coleslaw or salad.


Kids in the kitchen is something I would like to get happening more and more, it really makes the difference when they are eating something they helped prepare!!

PS: the kids loved the chicken but  disliked the coleslaw!!!! They would have eaten grated carrot…but don’t seem to like dressings. Adults loved it!