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Cut the food bill and increase value!

Cut down that food shop bill!! 


I thought we weren’t doing too bad on the rubbish ( sugary/salty goods) coming into the house but.. 

radically enough ….
we have turned a major corner in the last 6 months, and an even bigger leap during my eating challenge of the last 30 days! 

 This is what we have been doing daily over the last couple of months and aim to continue for  longer period of time …. 

We no longer buy ANY

Cordials, kids fruit drinks ie…fruit shoots and the likes ( because of asparteme used now as a sugar replacement)

Yogurt pots ( just find them a lazy option not really the best nutritional value) sometimes we get one larger pot of greek yogurt to use sparingly. Margarine / veg oils for cooking ( on educating ourselves on transfats ) now its only butter.. coconut oil.. olive and others for dressings etc

Frozen chips ( homemade are more delicious and nutritious


Sugar cereals. we graually substituted them for porridge oats, fruit ….. with french toast/ pancake option for weekends. 

Any time a cereal finds its way home from shopping trip we use it for snacks. 

Biscuits …. we use oat cakes with honey a lot more and encourage a bit of baking when we fancy a sweet treat.

Processed meats
We now buy a bacon cut and use it in carbonara. We always have leftover from main meal as well as left over chicken from free range birds so we make use of these leftover slices for sandwiches instead of processed sliced meats. 


Tomato ketchup.

We use it more sparingly for dishes it suits ( like fish and chips)  as opposed to a daily condiment! 

Good quality used sparingly … or in cooking. No orange cheddar!!

Sweets/ bars
We now get dark above 50% cocoa choc at least …. 

we soak nuts like almonds cashews etc to eat with it and use cocoa powder that we sweeten with maple syrup or honey.



Dairy  … We growing used to less milk, and have upgraded to organic. We drink more water. We use milk for breakfast porridge, and to have to mix into tea and coffee. We don’t rely on it for calcium as kids enjoy calcium in green veg. 

Cut back considerably 

We now buy 2 free range chickens…1ham/bacon joint… 1/2 pound organic minced beef….fish pieces/ fillets…..

that leaves for 1 or two veggie/ egg dishes. ( weekly for 2 adults 3 children ages 11 down to 4


A bottle of wine occasionally and a six pack beer weekly usually does us 🙂 

Now finally the misconceptions of making these changes 

 Shopping bills have NOT increased!!!!!!..even though we are getting better quality food we save on those expensive processed good such as yogurts..fruit juice cartons..processed meats ( sliced ham) 

We put money saved on the grocery bill towards our nutritional top up fruit and veg capsules (kids get them free with our orders)

*Highly recommended* 

Make small changes … 

they can make a difference in the long run … as we become increasingly aware of the need for micronutrients as contained in raw fruit and veg…we find it harder to steer away from this. 

Look us up at family wholefood health for links to inform you on bridging the gap using fruit and veg capsules ( how we truly started to bridge our nutritional gap

 We are on a journey …. the kids still like shop bought treats and ice cream …. I still love a coffee. 

 With small incremental changes I believe we re making our health a priority and cutting down significant risks associated with over eating processed goods.

Thanks for reading :))))

recipes that saved the day

handy bites!

…dont underestimate the comfort a little chilli can give mmmmmmm

oat cake snackMy nutritious snack of the day!

Oat Cakenatural yogurt / hummus

chicken ( had leftover from free range roasted bird yesterday)

fresh chilli / smoked paprika

very satisfying !!!!!!!!

…my guideline for carbs… G.I (GLYCEMIC INDEX)

this snack will  fair well on the G.I scale because it contains oat cake instead of wheat cracker or bread.

hummus is a good choice to for keep your snack low G.I

So is the LOW G.I. type of meal recommended?

Carbs that have a low G.I ….produce a steadier rise in blood sugar, and the fiber helps you feel fuller longer.
I found out here that it was introduced to help people with diabetes to help them control sugar levels.

For me, it’s helpful to understand the basics, especially where carbs are concerned. I find that when considering carbs, low G.I carbs are basiacally a good guideline for nutrition….

…….for example carbs that have a low G.I index like wholegrain, oatbran etc. are as a rule of thumb, more nutritious than white bread, white pasta etc…

……with the advantages of making you feel nutritionally satisfied!
I also found out that it doesn’t mean.

  • that low G.I. meals are ALL more nutritious than high G.I….
  • that eating low G.I will mean you will loose weight.

plus….Not everyone can consider eaten gluten and they stay away from above mentioned carbs, I am only considering what i have found helpful to make healthier changes 🙂

to find out more about Glycemic Index in relation to diet i found this site helpful

is this something you ever consider when looking at carbs in your diet?

ps: check out our spring summer breakfast granola following same principles

life by design

bridging the gap!

In my life I have my realities..and I’m the bridge between.

On my pie chart of life…I’m starting to form deliberate lines and balance my world. In family business , and in health, my challenges are my inspiration  now in life and ONE THING IS FOR CERTAIN…..
my life is being created as opposed to living by default.

A celebrative process I am sharing… just as I am so inspired by people, communities I invite you to walk my bridge and design a middle ground for yourself if you wish.

its not about restrictionsIts about becoming conscious of living, finding skills and opportunities to assist the journey and to celebrate waking moments. For me, its about accepting better, enriching and evolving with passion and buffing my personal power!

10304569_10154743814995650_6488524834532109671_n Bravery to face the unwanted and look for replacements, this invitation to you to witness and participate on my journey as I stand on my bridge and find peace between what was and  what will be. The perfect only place that matters….. NOW!

So what to expect?

some of my tricks, my life hacks that are nudging me along this journey

some of the humour in mistakes in cridges and warts i uncover

celebrations find in present moments…achievments and learnings

as I continue……

to trot my way across the bridge…and bridge the gap!