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The last three months have been quite the ride !!!!

This period in my life has triggered  momentum and opportunities in beggining to match my desires and dreams to live in the freedom of knowing I have created my living in alignment to myself!

This means I am no longer swapping time for money, rather investing my skills in attracting the perfect situation for me to flourish, and develop my business in a spark collecting way … feeling lit up!!

Today I want to share with you a special opportunity!

As I was was searching for the path to assist me to succeed in the above, Niamh Arthur (entrepreneur holding bounds of success financially and has come full circle in personalising an authentic business )…. flashed in front of my eyes with DesignYourAuthenticLiving course for entrepreneurs!

I was at the time looking at holistic health courses, to piece together the puzzle and expand my skillset as a life coach, but my business plan was vague, and my confidence in reaching my audience and pinning down how to put things in motion remained blurry.

So, twelve weeks on, having completed DYAL, ( now with new title Tailormadeonlinebusiness) and an additional bonus of a 30 day video marketing challenge ( also run by Niamh Arthur) Spark Collectors was born, and I am developng a working plan in a landscape i love, incorporating my authentic self, I have a confidence to launch future programs, present products, and have begun providing business support for others that want to create a life that lights them up!!

I have partnered up with Niamh to promote this amazing opportunity in celebration of SPARK collectors …. you will find my testemony within the outline of the course detail!

Take a look at the four part video series, a valuable outline of Niamhs unique take on coaching.

This contains a comprehensive look at how this course can fit tailor made to your needs and desires as a soulful entrepreneur…..


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Christine x


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