Ignite your creativity

Creativity can be a very vague term.

everyone is an artist.

We do not even have to paint, draw or play an instrument to consider yourself an artist.

Imagine discovering you had a creative talent as an adult? This happened at home wanting nice art for the walls of the family home!! This discovery led to an opportunity to utilise them as part of a journey into abundance and financial freedom …..
Check out how this part of the journey in turning a hobby into cash on my post BallyvoneenArt !!

A further discovery was a resource called The Artists Way by Julian Cameron, it is a workbook that guides through a personal process and daily activity to continue to access the creative process …

After a while of discovering and celebrating a newfound talent in visual art, It evolved into a discovery of opportunities and synchronicities launching further into the journey as an online entrepreneur, discovering that creativity can be infused into every activity ….

Creativity in designing a perfect day … In connecting to people online … In personal expression of self and and creating personal spaces,
Unblocking creativity unleashes authenticity!!

Create the change you want to see in you!

Connect on Spark Collector marketing coach to join in the creative process of impacting your audience online !!

Christine x


2 thoughts on “Ignite your creativity

  1. i enjoy the artists way.
    I would be interested in finding out more about your peer group and how to access it
    Thank and well done!

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