Ignite your creativity

Creativity can be a very vague term.

I believe everyone is an artist.

You do not even have to paint, draw or play an instrument to consider yourself an artist.

I would like to strive towards being a mentor for unblocking the artist in those who would like to explore this concept.

My own resource for keeping my expression alive is Julian Cameron’s ‘The Artists Way’, and will be documenting my experience of utilising this resource,with a view to facilitating small groups who wish to support and share through the same journey x

As a newfound entrpreneur , I started to utilise my talents in the visual arts as part of my journey into abundance and financial freedom ….. and look towards expressing this discovery as a mentor in my health franchise and as a writer / blogger ….check out how I got started on this part of my journey in turning a hobby into cash on my post BallyvoneenArt !!

Express a wish to be part of this chapter by joining my Artists Way programme in the near future!!

…. that means comment with your intention to start!!

Create the change you want to see in you!

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Christine x

2 Comments Add yours

  1. pat says:

    i enjoy the artists way.
    I would be interested in finding out more about your peer group and how to access it
    Thank and well done!

  2. Great!!
    My peer group will be starting soon!
    Best thing is to shoot me s quick mail, so I can inform you when our next start up is !!

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