Kindle your intuitive spirit


OF ALL the possibilities of things I can do…

…..what is the one thing I can do now that would be highest use of my time, talents, skills and knowledge, that would be the most joyful investment of my time, that would benefit the greatest number of people who are ready for it now?

Brian. D. Rigway

 I have been fortunate to be a part of the conscious creators level 5 mentoring, with a community of conscious creators, supporting each other to help ‘unstick’ or nudge each other in the direction of preferred focus, to uncover passions, and realise a way of being  that is less hard work and more of yielding true potential as a result of training in shifting paradigm to true self.

….In a nutshell It a truly mindblowing mentoring program and community that has enriched my life and brought all areas of interest into focus and has allowed me to begin to thrive!!!

I am excited to announce that their is a webinar that opens up what Brian does to reach out to entrepreneurs. It is available to watch in the next few days and you can register here

I continue to plan my business journey through the lense of a conscious creator, making it a plan of contribution to my community with unlimited potential in all areas of my life!

Sign up for your free taster of how this is the missing link for Entrpreneurs development xx

What came next :

check out my de-clutter post ….. a practical spin off endevour that I have adapted in my personal world of conscious creating!

…. and for you entrepreneurial types, I outline the birth and discovery of a pathway to an intuitive tailormade online business model , another spin off opportunity I discovered since level 5 =>  here 

Want to understand more about conscious creating? Here’s Brian Rigway in a series of short intro videos that outline some key ways to begin to shift your way of how to experience your life, in true conscious creator style!

To Finnish,  if you feel a strong connection to this message, head to Facebook spark collectors to continue accessing this vibe socially X

Christine x

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cathy says:

    I like that mantra …. I’m enjoying your endeavors. Gonna have a look @ your declutter tips!

  2. Thanks Cathy!
    It’s funny you know, declutter in my home, has also cleared my head for focusing on a more authentic me … Hope you find it helpful x

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