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5 tips on how to succeed on a cleaneating challenge in a family setting!!! 

It’s all well and good planning and prepping for the cleaneating challenge when preparing meals for just you … 

motivation at its highest point just before any challenge!! 
…. Sometimes though, even more challenging, is the rest of the family during the challenge…  They often expect the usual food that has been on the menu, and this may not always hit the mark with cleaneating requirements!! 
So you have 3 options as i see it.

#1 Enforce your plan on everyone!! 

…. That means announce that the whole family is eating clean with you!!  (prob have your running shoes on and prepare to be chased to the hills!) 
#2. Put the energy into YOUR plan and dish up fast oven pizzas / frozen food dinners for the rest of the posse!!

#3. Try to pre – plan with all tastes taken into account and make meals that have adaptability and need many of the same ingredients …. Including lots of doubling up on fresh meals that can be frozen and repeated the next week. 

So which option do I use? 


Honestly…..  Probably a mixture of all three!! 

Overall my family eat healthier for sure when I add an awareness to my own eating. 

Heres my top tips for managing such a challenge!! 

1. Don’t announce !!

 ….  that you are going to be eating differently and definately don’t preach the benefits of Clean eating!!   (you ll either get mega support with everyone wanting to help in the Kitchen … I mean waaaay more help than you can manage) 


You ll get a complete negative reaction, and you ll feel your swimming against the tide just making the process a lot more work than needs be! 

2. Plan!!!!

Yes do out a mealplan.  Base it on the level of family activity in the house on different days. Have the provisions for lots of family favourite meals, so that you can keep energy for the personal challenges you may encounter on your clean eating challenge.

3. Build curiosity!  

Although this challenge is ultimately about you….  You will attract questions, and kids will often express interest, which allows for conversations around appropriate simple changes they can get on board with. 

4. Dont expect to reach expectations!!  It’s often way more effective to take on simple changes and incremental steps towards eating healthier, than an all or nothing approach that often feeds our nature to be hard on ourselves! Change is often a rollercoaster, and sometimes undertaking cleaneating can ignite a detox that can feel unpleasant,  and get ready for mood swings when reducing stimulants such as sugar and caffeine! 

5. Know this.... 

If you even adopt one healthier change and sustain it longterm….  It will have a positive influence on yr overall health!!

Don’t have a success / failure atitude…  Its not a diet!!…. You will however increase awareness and make the start to positive health changes…  Each time adding new changes and growing your awareness of eating wholefood … Long term change!! 

Im in the middle of a cleaneating challenge and share my foodplan and challenges along the way ….

You can view it here…  No need for e-mail, Just join the facebook group and view the posts in yr newsfeed whenever it suits!! 

Tonight i dished up homemade pizzas for the Kids … We shared homemade chunky oven chips, and i made ratatouille to go with my chips!! 

Win/win !!


Veggie ratatouille… Clean ..  tasty   Mmmm …. Jamie Oliver recipe for ratatouille  here

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XX Christine 


Get started on yr cleaneating challenge! 

Journey into unprocessed living · life by design · transform in 30 days · wholefood family health

My 3 golden rules for eating on a cleanse

My golden rules for cleanse … based on my experience of transform 30 Programme.

1. Nutrition
Wholefood (get it as fresh, local, organic when you can)
Consider how the body absorbs nutrients in food, and feed yourself accordingly.
* this means no processed food including to your best ability diary and wheat*

2. Low G.I
Prepping meals that contain slower release energy, keeping cravings and energy dips to a Minimum. Say hello to wholegrains,  proteins including plant based, and animal protein optional (Local and organic where possible)

3. Alkaline
Keeping your body alkaline promotes good health, considering that disease does not thrive in an alkaline environment, all the more reason for fresh wholefood !!!!
Adding Lemon to your water you sip on throughout the day can assist you to maintain alkalinity too!!

To take part in 10 day cleanse starting Feb 26th…  Head to daily food plan and request to join 🙂

* Focus on health and feel and look like à vibrant healthy you *

beauty glowing nutrition
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parsnip and curry soup

Food needed

Parsnips 2 large

2 teaspoons curry paste ( madras, massaman or other favorite) 

4 shallots or 1 large onion

2 vegetable stock cubes ( natural/ organic best you can get)

Next ….

Chop parsnip and onion 

Fry in pan with little coconut oil and curry paste

Dissolve  stock in 3/4 litre of hot water

Add stock to pan 

Boil and simmer for 10 mins

Blitz with handheld blender

Serve with a dollop of natural yogurt and sprig of coriander if you have it!

Finding tasty combinations is my winning thing to do on my clean eating journey ….

Follow my video diary of t30 in former posts or find it here under videos 

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Journey into unprocessed living · transform in 30 days

Day 12

Food diary:

Lemon water

Oat flakes with dried fruit with coconut milk

Shake complete veggie protein mix (product) with spinach leaves and chilli and warm water


sundried tomato with olives

chai tea

beetroot apple and turmeric juice

rye crackers with tuna flakes

green tea

homemade burger with locally sourced beef mince with homemade chips and salad leaves

Bottle beer and square dark choc 70%

Thanks for reading

Start your simple changes soon!

Christine x



life by design · transform in 30 days

Day 2

Food diary from day 2:

1/2 small bowl oats raisins and dried apricots with coconut water

Green tea

Choc complete veggie protein shake  with raspberries and fresh chili (product)

Green tea

Banana and natural mixed nuts (portion palm of hand size)

Soup: butternut squash carrot garlic and onion tomato and curry spice

1 rye cracker with little butter

Water with fruit veg berry capsules (product)

Carrot sticks

Poached egg in half avocado cup

Date and raisin bar (mix dates raisins and coconut water and shape into small bar)

Aubergine lasagne with rocket leaves and couple homemade chips  (highly recommend)

Oat cake with honey

Green tea

life by design · recipes that saved the day · transform in 30 days · wholefood family health

green wraps

Fresh and light!

For those trying to give gluten the heave ho!

Lettuce wraps:

Crispy lettuce leaf

Roast turkey /chicken …. Whatever’s leftover (any meat really, but better to use leftover than buy processed slices)

Sprinkle of sea salt

Sprinkle of smoked paprika


I really feel better personally cutting right back on bread stuffs, so love ideas that cut out using wheat, and are tasty. Here are some other ideas substitute white bread from holistic healthy living

There will be lots of clean eating ideas throughout  my 30 day cleanse refresh reboot self love programme starting September 7th.

Check out details here

Gift yourself a great September!

X Christine

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one simple change

One Simple Change

Have you considered upgrading your eating habits? Picture how you would feel on a de-clutter style of eating habits!! ….

More energy, uplifted, clear skin, lighter,vibrant??
How about …

Getting up before the alarm clock, watching hair and nails grow with ease, seeing the glow through the skin and having a skip in your step!!

It’s so possible to achieve this 🙂

however ….

Old habits can die hard!! This can be tough to take on board in one shot!!!!

As a family we enjoyed working this challenge in increments that set us up to benefit successfully from the programme … AND YOU CAN TOO!!

It starts with  One Simple Change!!!

….for 30 days address one simple change that is realistic, achievable, and beneficial to your health eg. drink more water, get outside more, less caffeinated drinks etc.

After the 30 days add one more!!!!

……and in another 30 days keep those two changes and add another!!!!

1 simple change is worthwhile!! Any step in the direction towards clean eating, and getting nutrition into the body, less stress, drinking water and getting enough sleep, has value and are the best stepping stones towards health and wellbeing. This is the ethos of the healthyliving programme moving forward!


So many times we embark on ‘all or nothing’ fitness regimes, or diets that yield us short term results and leave us with a sense of failure in the long term, when the will power muscle relaxes, or fatigue overwhelms motivation!

One simple change is the motto here, and simple steps towards the longer term gain.

Thanks to all the interest, support and encouragment, we have a group for customers and interested families that helps us stay inspired !! Good news is you are welcome to join … find our facebook community One Simple Change for families here

heres a short video by the wellness channel on ‘the science of healthy eating’

Hope it may help to add to your journey into wellness ….

Get thinking on YOUR first simple change to embark on for the next 30 days!!

This months suggestion was to drink less coffee and more water!! 

What simple change will you make?

PS: visit Family Wholefood Health to stay connected with our latest information on bridging the health gap!!

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chickpea and mango salad

Healthy eating challenge (transform in 30 days) requires a total bust from eating processed food, wheat, dairy…. and a focus on the best freshest wholefood available,  whilst supporting the nutrition needs with wholefood fruit and veg capsules, and veg protein specially designed for use in smoothie type shakes.

Generally, my eating during these challenges is simple. Using everyday ingredients I have in the cupboard, and preparing by filling the cupboards and fridge with fresh wholefood ingredients.

To spice things up a bit, I also like to find some new combinations in taste, and family dinner ideas… juice recipes etc.

I found this seasons ‘taste magazine’  (local irish by the rte guide) on the shelf of my local shop, and after a quick browse noticed some tasty options I could try that aldo adherred the rules of my eating challenge.

Today I tried the chick pea and mango salad. I threw a quick glance over the ingredients before I did my food shop…. nearly remembered them all!!!.. except the broad beans, so I compromised with some baby salad leaves.
Anyway …. was a quick recipe, tasty and a little different.  I would recommend you give it a go. It is also featured in Derval O’Rourke ‘food from the fast lane‘. I intend to review a few recipes from this springs taste magazine. Heres todays chickpea and mango salad!!

Serves 2
3 scallions trimmed
1/2 mango, peeled and chopped
1/2 teaspoon paprika
3 tablespoons olive oil
Juice of one lime

For the salad
400g chickpeas, drained
2 carrots peeled and finely sliced
A handful of green beans sliced crossways
2 tablespoons fresh coriander

1. Place all the ingredients for the dressing in a food processor and blitz till combined


2. Place the chickpeas in a large serving bowl, tip I  the mango dressing and combine
3. Add the carrots and green beans and toss well. Sprinkle over the coriander and serve 🙂


Have a go and tell me what you think!!

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recipes that saved the day · transform in 30 days · wholefood family health

Cauliflower rice

Im on a clean eating challenge for 30 days …. eating as much wholefoods as I can at mealtimes.
I decided to try out the cauliflower rice idea!
It’s pretty easy actually.
Heres how I did it

1. Chop in the food processor cauliflower florets… maybe 10 for one person


2. Spread it out on a baking tray
3. Add small sprinkle of sea salt if you wish
3. Put in the oven for 15 mins at 180 degrees celcius or until the top has just strated to brown slightly
4. Plate up covering with yr favourite curry!


VERDICT: Very tasty!! Much more flavoursome than rice…. ill be using it again!

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