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Live Interview … On De-Cluttering

The challenge is complete …

De-Clutter a space in 5 days !!
Thanks to all that took part and as a gift to continue your journey I will be in touch with my e-book that outlines the process we went through in the challenge. A gift to keep you in touch with your journey x

If you missed the live interview, I chatted with Brenda Kennelly just before the challenge on my newfound course and my de-cluttering journey x

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Continue to create space and open up possibilities xx

Christine x

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Dont be prisoned by calories… ย Liberate your life !!

We have an event coming this week.

Partnered with the company that boast the most researched nutritional product worldwide, we bring you …

Healthy living revolution!!! 

No counting calories and trying to cheat the chemistry of the body into being skinny!! 

I’m talking about Health 

…. Spin of from this is vitality,  feeling great and longterm Wellness. 

Stress, in forms of environmental lifestyle choices and support, can leave us a bit flat, we can  experience sickness disease, and in a web of stress its sometimes hard to know that it can be better!! 

So I present a new way, in form of basic nutrition, and families are learning that it can get better…  

When you learn how healthy feels… 

Its hard not to spread the good news!! 

Come and share with us, an exciting time, celebrating how healthy feels… 

Book a seat this thursday by responding to this event, and we will enjoy sharing our stories with you, tips and small simple changes that can make all the difference!

Thank you,

Heres to healthy energy!! 

Don’t forget,

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Christine x

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Super Saturday with the Juice Plus Franchise!!!ย 

The National Juiceplus Event took place in Dublin this weekend!! 
 …. Live video on arrival! 

I was lucky to be there (well wouldnt miss it really)  with my team representatives ๐Ÿ™‚
The morning kicked of with Nutritionist/Scientist and founder of Gourmet Fuel, Emma Buckley.

Emma gave a down to earth practical presentation on how to adapt the ‘one simple Change’ for health.

One tip/ reminder Emma shared was how to teach kids to hydrate!  

Indeed she also encouraged everyone, the next time hunger calls in between meals,  to simply have a glass of water to determine if we are in need of food,  or simply missreading our bodies cues; that being the need for hydration!! 

She teaches her son to check his urine colour in the toilet, to create his own awareness of what hydration looks like (if his urine is a very light straw Colour, he calls out “Mum im hydrated!! “) A cute,  yet very practical tip! 

Next we had health testemonies from customers, and well,  with not a dry eye in the house we again understood the impact of the synergy of wholefood on the overall health of our bodies, and the potential of upgrading  our cells as we continue to feed health!!

With only 8% of customers being franchise owners, a new challenge is set for us to help others build an income from sharing this product. 

The Women’s Business panel was next to inspire the room with stories of how this business choice has changed their lives, and they did just that! 

 Detailing how this path has impacted their family lives, offering time freedom and expanding choices ,  and yet only the tip of the iceburg of potential of this business with growth steadily increasing worldwide! Inspiring!! 

The nuts and bolts of utilising the tools and resources available to start ups were shared next and the finale came from Birgit Plane. 

Yeah she was great ….. 
Birgit Plane :

 Birgit (exsurgical nurse) and her husband (exbanker) have been with The Juice Plus+ Company for 27 years and are wildly successful!!

They have been approached countless times by other businesses with lots of perks and promises. Birgit said that they have literally seen 120 of those businesses fail. 

‘Nothing in all of those years has even come close to the opportunity that we have with Juice Plus+, the product and the company!’

Network Marketing again leading the way as the most flexible for busy people, offering maximum earning potential ….. and with a strong threat of personal growth, this may be your chance to discover how to use this vehicle to offer your family all of the above!! 

Heres some of the moments caught on the day

 This business is an absolute joy,  and so is the residual income!!! 

Full House!!

Lunch with legend Dave O Brien, and much team mingling!! 

Birgit Plange… Impacting her world with the JuicePlus Franchise!

For more info on this Franchise, my unique journey and how to become part of this movement, visit http://facebook.com/familywholefoodhealth



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Highway to freedom!ย 



I have a gift with a strong nudge to share!!

This yr has changed dramatically for me in how I live!!

If you are perplexed on how to work the law of attraction into your life!! ….

…. frustrated after making ‘changes ‘ only to return to feeling the same or being presented with the familiar problems in life  ??…..

I am sharing some amazing information that may help you bypass transformation and put you straight on the highway to liberation!!!!
Believe me…  Liberation is how you want to live!!




Join us @ sparkcollectors and receive all the bonus goodies to end your year in preparation for freedom!!
Or follow here to receive info via spark collectors blog!!

See ya there :

Christine x

Ps: download the book that has started the journey for many here

Join our group where we work through the book together…  Group liberation!!

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My 3 golden rules for eating on a cleanse

My golden rules for cleanse … based on my experience of transform 30 Programme.

1. Nutrition
Wholefood (get it as fresh, local, organic when you can)
Consider how the body absorbs nutrients in food, and feed yourself accordingly.
* this means no processed food including to your best ability diary and wheat*

2. Low G.I
Prepping meals that contain slower release energy, keeping cravings and energy dips to a Minimum. Say hello to wholegrains,  proteins including plant based, and animal protein optional (Local and organic where possible)

3. Alkaline
Keeping your body alkaline promotes good health, considering that disease does not thrive in an alkaline environment, all the more reason for fresh wholefood !!!!
Adding Lemon to your water you sip on throughout the day can assist you to maintain alkalinity too!!

To take part in 10 day cleanse starting Feb 26th…  Head to daily food plan and request to join ๐Ÿ™‚

* Focus on health and feel and look like ร  vibrant healthy you *

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Facebook biz pages .. Are they worth it?


I’m Christine, and most of my connections that haven’t come from offline family and friends have come from Facebook.


I have had a preference for Facebook, as it is where I have managed to build deeper connections and relationships with people due the personal sharing nature of it as a social media network.

A couple of years ago, I didn’t feel as comfortable with it, and although could straight away see the potential for building business relationships, I also saw that it was a long haul type of strategy …. meaning that this was only gonna really work for those who invest personally in their friends on Facebook. I struggled with sharing myself on Facebook and felt way more introverted than usual!!!

Socially I’m a listener, and an observer, so sharing myself directly was a jump out of my comfort zone ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

… I had that added protection vibe too for my family and kids lives !! I quickly learned about privacy settings and the skill to operate different info so that different sets of people saw different things ( family pics for family etc) until I grew comfortable with a standard I now use public ( apart from content o share in particular forums/group)

I see all the time, people who flash around, posting lifestyle images, before and after images after using different products with clear intention to direct their audience to their business ….

Personally, I’ve always been drawn to more authentic measures, people who I can get to know outside of business. It helps me to connect them to their business and that helps me connect to their business!!! (I followed a lady once that promoted a minimalist lifestyle and via getting to know her on Facebook and blog I joined a challenge to jump off the ladder and create a simplistic life!!)

Trust, loyalty, connection and inspiration …. those are the things that surround any connection I have made on Facebook around business!

Of course I have made mistakes … Once I bought clothes straight from Facebook … They came from China looking like half the quality from the pictures and I learned my lesson fast!

When someone connects with me through my business for the first time, I direct them to my personal page straight away! If I cannot meet them personally, I will definately encourage phone call, Skype etc. and will give the person a chance to get a yes feeling from the interaction …

That way there is an open door for me to help / serve and provide value … even if it’s just a product I’m organizing a delivery for, if the interaction is personal it is more satisfying, and the customer will more readily seek my advise or support, this assists the transaction to become an authentic exchange between two people!!!

Facebook pagesย 

I have a few for my different businesses Health .Art .Blog .

Facebook do not like us to directly sell from a personal profile … which I think is fair enough given how tacky it looks when I see a direct product placement or add from a personal page … I just get a NO feeling … It’s different however to read about a persons DAY at work, as it’s a personal connection /experience, and is helping me connect to that person, so I enjoy those posts of personal growth in business etc.


Business / fan pages were set up for direct business interaction! They can also be used to attract people to a brand, and can contain lots of entertaining images and videos apart from sales or product info … a bit like a shop window to ย drawn attention in!!!

You can directly sell from a Facebook page, or ask someone to opt in by asking for their email address to get more info about product/service …. you can even pay for adds that will be shown to target audiences that you set up !!

It can all be a bit overwhelming!!!

I’ve had a bit of Facebook training, and played around with adds on Facebook … but honestly, the best engagement I get on my page comes from connections I’ve made personally … from two types of people.

1. From my fb friends and fans that see and like my content!

2. Business connections: those I network with as a part of different forum groups/ communities that have aspects of business in common and reciprocate support each other ( sometimes this leads to promoting each other’s businesses and buying directly from each other!)

Plus … There’s no limit to fans that can like and engage in your page, whereas there is a limit to your personal friends.

Recently I did a Facebook page 21 day challenge with a group of holistic therapists that was really quite grounded in this approach, promoting long term persistence consistency relationship building strategies that are congruent to the type of authentic business I am currently building

Here’s my Testemony for the creative bizย 

What’s your experience?

Ps: I have gained a lot of skills in promoting myself through video messages and outline the benefits of the light it up video marketing challenge, where i continue to learn and grow check it out ! http://bit.ly/IgniteWithNiamh

Thanks for reading, feel free to share and connect on Facebook if you haven’t already ๐Ÿ˜‰


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Why this franchise is the one for me!

So, other than being a raving fan of the benefits my family have received from wholefood capsules …

I felt the urge to share what it is about this COMPANY that fit with who I am!!

I want to expand my community of franchisees and raving fans @ family wholefood health!!

Here’s a quick intro … Under 2 mins 

Thanks for taking the time for me to explain my passion behind my drive!!

Hope it’s helpful info to someone ๐Ÿ˜Š

Help me spread my story

…. Let me help!!!!

Thanks a bunch

Christine X

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Ever tried to rush a bedtime story???

This ones for the parents 

Who are engaging in the challenge

To find a work / family  balance

…. If you ve ever tried to hurry along bedtimes for any reason

You might relate to my story X

Ps: I made it by the way ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks for tuning in!

Pass it around your friends,

I loved to connect to new people going through similar xx


Family Wholefood Health

Spark Collector

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Shout out to family biz!! Scatterpillar

I often love buying for experience rather than to own something, this purchase gave me both!!!

 I thoroughly enjoyed this from the  initial inspiration by Scatterpillar Facebook … to the ordering and customising process. We received   such personalized attention to detail ( came in a  special box with transparent lid and my daughters name embroidered on the back)  … a conscious expression art ๐Ÿ˜Š

Jacinta Leigh is a busy mum with a great talent and I admire her innovation in business … Scatterpillar designs

Here’s our story X

Thank you for listening

Here’s the Scatterpillar designs website to learn more about how children’s illustrations are brought to life by Jacinta!

Ps: we miss you twiggy, your memory with our family has been captured, the least we can do for the joy you brought our little girl  x


sketch of twiggy we gave to jacinta

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Midterm artcamp … Colourful spring and moody muses!!

Theme for the last two days was Spring!!

Before the kids are headway into drawing shamrocks and decoupaging mini eggs, 

I thought we’d keep it simple and celebrated the start of growth and colour and new life ๐ŸŒฑ

Recycling was a start!!

We turned these ….


Into these beautiful wind catchers!

We created Spring gardens … With tulips created by fork painting!   
Made frames for canvas pics !!

Moody paintings!

We did some painting to music this camp … First selection were painted whilst listening to Debussy


And these were heavy metal guitar   
Again was so surprised how much creation was achieved in two days camp!!!

Here are final personal expressions

And that’s a wrap!!!

Next stop Easter ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thanks for reading,

Christine x