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5 tips on how to succeed on a cleaneating challenge in a family setting!!! 

It’s all well and good planning and prepping for the cleaneating challenge when preparing meals for just you … 

motivation at its highest point just before any challenge!! 
…. Sometimes though, even more challenging, is the rest of the family during the challenge…  They often expect the usual food that has been on the menu, and this may not always hit the mark with cleaneating requirements!! 
So you have 3 options as i see it.

#1 Enforce your plan on everyone!! 

…. That means announce that the whole family is eating clean with you!!  (prob have your running shoes on and prepare to be chased to the hills!) 
#2. Put the energy into YOUR plan and dish up fast oven pizzas / frozen food dinners for the rest of the posse!!

#3. Try to pre – plan with all tastes taken into account and make meals that have adaptability and need many of the same ingredients …. Including lots of doubling up on fresh meals that can be frozen and repeated the next week. 

So which option do I use? 


Honestly…..  Probably a mixture of all three!! 

Overall my family eat healthier for sure when I add an awareness to my own eating. 

Heres my top tips for managing such a challenge!! 

1. Don’t announce !!

 ….  that you are going to be eating differently and definately don’t preach the benefits of Clean eating!!   (you ll either get mega support with everyone wanting to help in the Kitchen … I mean waaaay more help than you can manage) 


You ll get a complete negative reaction, and you ll feel your swimming against the tide just making the process a lot more work than needs be! 

2. Plan!!!!

Yes do out a mealplan.  Base it on the level of family activity in the house on different days. Have the provisions for lots of family favourite meals, so that you can keep energy for the personal challenges you may encounter on your clean eating challenge.

3. Build curiosity!  

Although this challenge is ultimately about you….  You will attract questions, and kids will often express interest, which allows for conversations around appropriate simple changes they can get on board with. 

4. Dont expect to reach expectations!!  It’s often way more effective to take on simple changes and incremental steps towards eating healthier, than an all or nothing approach that often feeds our nature to be hard on ourselves! Change is often a rollercoaster, and sometimes undertaking cleaneating can ignite a detox that can feel unpleasant,  and get ready for mood swings when reducing stimulants such as sugar and caffeine! 

5. Know this.... 

If you even adopt one healthier change and sustain it longterm….  It will have a positive influence on yr overall health!!

Don’t have a success / failure atitude…  Its not a diet!!…. You will however increase awareness and make the start to positive health changes…  Each time adding new changes and growing your awareness of eating wholefood … Long term change!! 

Im in the middle of a cleaneating challenge and share my foodplan and challenges along the way ….

You can view it here…  No need for e-mail, Just join the facebook group and view the posts in yr newsfeed whenever it suits!! 

Tonight i dished up homemade pizzas for the Kids … We shared homemade chunky oven chips, and i made ratatouille to go with my chips!! 

Win/win !!


Veggie ratatouille… Clean ..  tasty   Mmmm …. Jamie Oliver recipe for ratatouille  here

Thanks for reading 

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Heres to your health 

XX Christine 


Get started on yr cleaneating challenge! 

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Timeless secrets of health and rejeuvenation

Im halfway though this round experience with Niamh Arthur’s light it up video challenge!

I had to get a pen and paper on the ready for this prompt, as 1k + global entrepreneurs all shared our favourite books!!!!!

Here I’m talking about a special reference book that will truly change your perspective on health!!

Enjoy!…. Im gonna be busy reading for the next while!!

Ps: Available on amazon

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Gluten free health? 

Hey there!! 

Have just been on Facebook live talking about my thoughts about gluten free produce!! 

Watch and join the conversation here

In other news… 

We made our own crisps!! 

No transfats no MSG and free of hidden gluten…  And YUM!! 

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 Christine xx

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My 3 golden rules for eating on a cleanse

My golden rules for cleanse … based on my experience of transform 30 Programme.

1. Nutrition
Wholefood (get it as fresh, local, organic when you can)
Consider how the body absorbs nutrients in food, and feed yourself accordingly.
* this means no processed food including to your best ability diary and wheat*

2. Low G.I
Prepping meals that contain slower release energy, keeping cravings and energy dips to a Minimum. Say hello to wholegrains,  proteins including plant based, and animal protein optional (Local and organic where possible)

3. Alkaline
Keeping your body alkaline promotes good health, considering that disease does not thrive in an alkaline environment, all the more reason for fresh wholefood !!!!
Adding Lemon to your water you sip on throughout the day can assist you to maintain alkalinity too!!

To take part in 10 day cleanse starting Feb 26th…  Head to daily food plan and request to join 🙂

* Focus on health and feel and look like à vibrant healthy you *

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Baby led weaning style

Great article shared in today’s paper 😊

… and brings back memories of my baby led weaning days!

What seems like a lifetime ago (only 4ish yrs) since I introduced my last to solid food,  I remember the advice I had gathered how this  approach to weaning fostered a healthy independent relationship with food for a child, and encouraged the strengthening in mouth muscles for speech later … and I’ll admit the added perk 

It just seemed so convenient!!!!

On my first born, I spoon fed, and I loved  puréeing the foods and attentitively spooning rice mix, whilst filming every expression 😊

… Who has the time for the ones that follow after?! 

So I was excitable when I heard about and observed from new mums that had discovered the baby led weaning way,

I continued to have a fabulous experience observing my next two kids, as they sucked the life out of a stick of raw cucumber … and fingered there way around every morstle of food, deciding what to eat and what to leave, and I watched them thrive every step of the way 😋


sam i am … tucking into a corn on the cob
Of course, eventually utensils were introduced, and that’s when it got messy, and yes sometimes frustrating ..

I do believe the independent nature, (offering weaning baby pieces of whole food) helped them form their tastes, and develop their independence.

I would encourage anyone thinking of embarking down this path with baby to check out baby led weaning groups on social media, where there is lots of parents at different stages of their baby led weaning journey ( I don’t think they existed a couple of years ago)

Thanks for reading!

Check out my present journey of healthy lunch  box challenge! Times move on!

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Choc mousse … Dairy free!

So the secret ingredient to this, instead of cream is ….. Avocado!!!


1 Avocado

2 bars of 70% cocoa dark choc

Teaspoon on vanilla extract

Pinch salt

4 pitted dates

1 tblsp coconut oil

1 tblsp maple syrup


Melt the choc in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water

Pour melted choc into a blender with the rest of the ingregients


Served with chopped strawberries


Connect on family wholefood health to learn about adding wholefood nutrition to your diet

Journey into unprocessed living · transform in 30 days

Day 12

Food diary:

Lemon water

Oat flakes with dried fruit with coconut milk

Shake complete veggie protein mix (product) with spinach leaves and chilli and warm water


sundried tomato with olives

chai tea

beetroot apple and turmeric juice

rye crackers with tuna flakes

green tea

homemade burger with locally sourced beef mince with homemade chips and salad leaves

Bottle beer and square dark choc 70%

Thanks for reading

Start your simple changes soon!

Christine x



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I gave up using shampoo!!!…. as an experiment and as a result I found out I didn’t need it!!!

So we get up in the morning

… We use products to wash skin teeth hair, our clothes, our dishes, our floors, windows ….

…. Most of it’s nasty

I was always aware of scents, and was sensitive to strong perfumes and air fresheners, and never felt good around them, I discovered essential oils, baking soda and vinegar, and started using them effectively for cleaning the house!

At a holistic health fair I brought home a natural soap that the lady told me I could use on my hair. I tried it, found it very hard to thoroughly rinse out of my thick hair! I was told that it would take 2 weeks for my hair to adjust and in fairness I gave up!

I also bought a natural bamboo head towel for drying my hair, and when I brought it home I thought, what’s the point in using natural fibres to dry my hair if I wash the towel and my hair in chemicals!!!!

I wanted to take action without having to shop for expensive naturals from the health shop, I was looking for a cheap sustainable way to keep my hair looking natural, without being static and  frizzy, a problem shampoos and conditioners seemed to cause especially if I didn’t blow dry it with a hair dryer!

So I took action! Taking from memory tips and tricks I’d read here and there about how to survive camping, and effective tonic rinses etc. this has become my new routine.

I knew that if you leave your hair without washing it will self cleanse, but  I also knew that to do that you have to smell like a sheep and look like a greaseball, and  hands up!!! I wasn’t prepared to do it ….

This is my compromise, and finally, I don’t have a problem with frizz!!! It’s a miracle, cost effective hair cure ( for my hair anyway)

So basically, I sprinkle bread soda in through the roots of my hair whilst it’s dry. ( breadsoda def: a bloody fantastic alkaline powder that is magic!)

Then I hit the shower taking with me a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a jug .

Next …. I wash out the baking soda by just rinsing under the shower, then fill the jug with water, and use it to rinse my hair.

I continue to rinse my hair and comb through it as the vinegar has now softened the water and makes my hair combable !

That’s it! I wrap it in my bamboo towel and let it dry!

It felt little strange the first few times, like the hair was going to have residue on drying (like if you hadn’t the conditioner rinsed out thoroughly when washing your hair) but it drys fully and looks shiny, natural and doesn’t need styling!!…and smells like fresh air!

I’m impressed!! I have played around with deep conditioning mixes ( only twice in 3 weeks … sheerly for entertainment purposes) 

My favorite one so far is avocado and lemon juice, it really suits my hair and brightens the colour and adds shine! ( which is hard to achieve in fair hair) 

So DO give it a go

After hearing about the health risks of parabens and panthenols, and the plastics in most hand soaps, shampoos etc. that wash away to oceans and seas, and cause untold damage to underwater ecosystems, It seems we are just too far removed from the effects of the products we are using as a majority on our health and that of the planet!

My awareness was also heightened as I began to understand the effects of daily household toxins on our hormonal systems, and how they interrupt a healthy endocrine system! For more info on that check out the audio at the end of post hormone health

Me with my new hair 🙂