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Midterm artcamp … Colourful spring and moody muses!!

Theme for the last two days was Spring!!

Before the kids are headway into drawing shamrocks and decoupaging mini eggs, 

I thought we’d keep it simple and celebrated the start of growth and colour and new life 🌱

Recycling was a start!!

We turned these ….


Into these beautiful wind catchers!

We created Spring gardens … With tulips created by fork painting!   
Made frames for canvas pics !!

Moody paintings!

We did some painting to music this camp … First selection were painted whilst listening to Debussy


And these were heavy metal guitar   
Again was so surprised how much creation was achieved in two days camp!!!

Here are final personal expressions

And that’s a wrap!!!

Next stop Easter 😊

Thanks for reading,

Christine x

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finnished sketch 

My mission this summer

…. to get some long awaited pictures done of the kids….

Finished this one this morning

….. My daughter Ami x

I’m hoping to also expand my little commission art business as I enjoy bringing photos to life via sketch….

Support by visiting my art page ballyvoneenart …..

And sharing with friends xx

Thanks a bunch!


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hommage to the cow!!

I completed a commission for a man, his inspiration based on a bank of memories of growing up around the bovine beauties!!

Bovine art is all the rage at present …. Inspired by the quizzical and whimsical  close up look of the cow, who’s curiosity pleases us on walks in the countryside …. leaning over fences and straining their necks over the walls, they are a great muse for the artist cow lover!!

limousin cow commission oils

This guy is an unfinished acrylic waiting on my brick wall for a bit of definition!… This is a similar view of the local cattle that moo at the window as we re dining in late summer!!

Hope you liked my homage to the cow post!!

Christine x 

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My tree of life


 Often referred to as the cosmic tree or the holy tree i’ve always loved the tree of life symbol and was inspired last year to create my own!! My tree of life represents for me Mother Nature and human experience intertwined at spirit, reflecting the integral qualities of the universe, rooted in earth, reaching to higher realms, and experiencing individuality, cyclical journey of life.
A great sale with canvases at the local art supplies, got me thinking, and I chose this long one for my painting using oils and brushes…. 

Originally it was for sale, but it has found pride of place on my orange wall in the sun room!! The picture shows it unframed as is.

My dabbling in oils began in frustration to being able to afford the art I wanted on my walls!!

Thus my creative practise began, and is a great spark in my daily life!!!

In September I am looking for a small group to share a mentoring process called the artists way, aimed to identify  and blocks to unleash your inner artist and lead to a fullilling life, whether hobbie, source of income, it will be a journey of self discovery.

Send a request for information ~ 

Find your sparks in life!!!!

Christine x

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Revamped old dining table

My eyes rolled when I saw the old pine dining table in the hallway…. 

Another piece of furniture we have no room for?

My husband is great for picking up stray bits… esp wood, and has great skill in bringing old pieces back to life … But this time I couldn’t see past the fact that there was an old dining table blocking my way to the coat rack in the hallway!!!!

I even asked him …. Where do you see this in the house? His reply knocked my confidence in the project even further …. “We ll find somewhere for it”

Don’t get me wrong, he’s fixed up some nice pieces that I love around our home, I was afraid he was turning into a magpie and had visions of piles of unwanted furniture stacked up in the hallways and empty corners of the house!!

Faith restored!!

After a discussion about changing the colour of our front door,  we started our inventory for outside living for summertime! 


New outdoor dining!.,., featuring a painted pine dining table weatherproofed and sun inspired!!!!

Accompanied by wooden outdoor preloved chairs painted to match our front door!!

Alls well that ends well

Thanks Paddy for the makeover!!

I’ll get busy on the soft furnishing and dining ware 😊

……. And just in time for summer!


sunburst design


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love the way…

love the way…
the moon loves the tides
unconditioning compulsive steady
never doubtful or weak

the way

the sunflower does the sun
inspired positive and strong

receive love…. the way

a hungry body does food
with satisfaction fulfillment and ease

the way

the droplet and sunbeam
fuse and arch into true colours
that fill the sky
with celebration

we call it a rainbow
informs me
its love



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love craft

Cannot believe how times fly!
My daughter asked me,' why do we have Valentines?' my repy 
'Emmm Its a day to show we love each other!'  
thinking to my myself gosh its Feb already!
'Why is it called Valentines?', she came back
Well now....thats a good one...
I said to myself, and out loud said..'..emmm'
'Will we google it?' she answered!

 So we did!
..and there were LOADS of theories, but we liked 
this one the best.

Back in 270 AD in the rule of Claudius III,
 Claudius decided to ban men from getting married,
 as he figured they made better soldiers single!
Bishop Valentine disagreed, and performed 
secret weddings for the men of the kingdom.
 He was then found out and jailed. 
He wrote a love letter to the jailors daughter
 whilst being imprisoned and signed it
be my valentine <3

Heres a simple craft to make with kids
 for the valentines holiday
Things you need:
wool or string

Cut out 3 hearts 1 larger, 
one smaller, and one smaller again.
Paint the hearts different collours 
and wait to dry
glue the hearts on top of each other =>

Have a warm fuzzy valentines today!

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Suncatcher hearts and painted doilies!

Back to art today following a brief break. Inspired by all the heart craft on the run up to valentines, i am making suncatcher hearts later today with the younger ones.

I pre cut the heart shapes for this group and they will glue on a selection of coloured tissue paper, to their own taste. The finnished suncatchers should look something like this one I made just now

1549359_402436703253175_8917381632087514287_n (1)


The older group (9/10 yr olds) I want to draw from their writing skills as they are all perfecting handwriting at school at this age. By asking each young person to choose a word they love, I hope to create a start to their watercolour pieces, using fine brush paint on these cute rectangle doilies (I found today at craft shop bits and bobs)
They are quite girlie its true, but I have all girls in this age group so I’m hoping they will enjoy this….. quite curious to see what  their chosen words will be!!! Heres mine started. Some bleeding of watercolour in my rush… hope its enough to inspire my girls!!


Some started star suncatchers last week so hope we will get those finnished with them. I had only one colour when I did my prototype but have since bought nice bright ones like in the hearts above.


See ya next week!

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Back 2 Art group!!! 2015

So! We ‘re back to begin a new year of fun and creativity!

Challenges will be to adjust to two age groups forming within the friday art group…

Im hoping we can pair up for activities with an older and younger pair working together etc.

For today I have finger painting mittens and crayon resist background with watercolour.

winter mits


For older group Im preparing a happy town painting using paint dragging method …. I think it will be challenging for them but im all up for giving it a lash!!!! Im very chuffed with my template for it!

happy town
happy town


Will pick up this regarding resources, inspirational links I file in my head b4 I come up with ideas 🙂

Chow for now!!


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window painting !!!

When a friend recommended me to the local toy shop to paint the window i was chuffed!…and a little concerned as it was a first!

It turned out very enjoyable, getting to map out a design on a large scale window, and assisting in the marketing for the premises and attracting the clients through the shop doors! ….. also attracting people as they drive or walk past in my local community helping to lift the spirits and inspire a smile !!!

This is my first christmas one on a restaurant window!

window painting 2window painting

tips when considering painting a picture on a shop window!

1.  Although, when I did my research into the type of paint to use both tempura poster paint and acrylic were advised to be suitable. However on trial of both types, and my experience with a restaurant and condensation issues, I would prefer acrylic as the tempura paint reacts with heat and can start to drip if the ventilation wasnt effective enough

2. Consider that painting on the inside of the window the picture/lettering will be mirror image when looking in from the from the shop front. Always a good idea anyway to sketch out with a marker ( sharpie) pen first before you paint.

3. If it’s your first attempt it can be hard to quote. In my experience make sure and drive a good bargain to get the experience and confirm future bookings, and offer that this price be a good discount for first time customer. Consider your paint and brush cost, your time including the creative process of putting together your sketch plan.

I am chuffed with this extra income I discovered this year, and will be visiting shops and businesses in the new year to advertise my new portfolio!

In my creative journey in art, creativity and business i’ve learned …….

* If you have an incling that you could possibly do something ….. you most probably can!!!