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My 3 golden rules for eating on a cleanse

My golden rules for cleanse … based on my experience of transform 30 Programme.

1. Nutrition
Wholefood (get it as fresh, local, organic when you can)
Consider how the body absorbs nutrients in food, and feed yourself accordingly.
* this means no processed food including to your best ability diary and wheat*

2. Low G.I
Prepping meals that contain slower release energy, keeping cravings and energy dips to a Minimum. Say hello to wholegrains,  proteins including plant based, and animal protein optional (Local and organic where possible)

3. Alkaline
Keeping your body alkaline promotes good health, considering that disease does not thrive in an alkaline environment, all the more reason for fresh wholefood !!!!
Adding Lemon to your water you sip on throughout the day can assist you to maintain alkalinity too!!

To take part in 10 day cleanse starting Feb 26th…  Head to daily food plan and request to join 🙂

* Focus on health and feel and look like à vibrant healthy you *

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