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Shout out to family biz!! Scatterpillar

I often love buying for experience rather than to own something, this purchase gave me both!!!

 I thoroughly enjoyed this from the  initial inspiration by Scatterpillar Facebook … to the ordering and customising process. We received   such personalized attention to detail ( came in a  special box with transparent lid and my daughters name embroidered on the back)  … a conscious expression art 😊

Jacinta Leigh is a busy mum with a great talent and I admire her innovation in business … Scatterpillar designs

Here’s our story X

Thank you for listening

Here’s the Scatterpillar designs website to learn more about how children’s illustrations are brought to life by Jacinta!

Ps: we miss you twiggy, your memory with our family has been captured, the least we can do for the joy you brought our little girl  x


sketch of twiggy we gave to jacinta

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Midterm artcamp … Colourful spring and moody muses!!

Theme for the last two days was Spring!!

Before the kids are headway into drawing shamrocks and decoupaging mini eggs, 

I thought we’d keep it simple and celebrated the start of growth and colour and new life 🌱

Recycling was a start!!

We turned these ….


Into these beautiful wind catchers!

We created Spring gardens … With tulips created by fork painting!   
Made frames for canvas pics !!

Moody paintings!

We did some painting to music this camp … First selection were painted whilst listening to Debussy


And these were heavy metal guitar   
Again was so surprised how much creation was achieved in two days camp!!!

Here are final personal expressions

And that’s a wrap!!!

Next stop Easter 😊

Thanks for reading,

Christine x

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Salad in a jar … You tried it yet?

I wrote a post love yourself enough to plan your meals 

This is one winning meal plan idea that sprung from my meal planning …

…. Salad in a jar! 

Mason jars are all the rage of course …popular because of the glass feature

Great material for storing food, keeping it fresh with no nasty leaching of toxicities from some plastic alternatives …

Perfect size for storing single servings or left over sauces, or storing dressings etc.

It sure does lend a hand to produce a great Instagram pic too 😊
This pic ^^ outlines how to layer your salad to keep all taste in tact whilst storing in the fridge, great for pre-planning your weeks lunches and stores in lunch boxes for work lunches 😊


This one was my first salad in a jar!

Greek salad style, I had red onion in oil and balsamic vinegar in the bottom …. 

Then feta and olives …

 Then chopped tomato


Cucumber on top!

When ready to eat … Give a good shake to coat salad in dressing and pour out into a bowl or eat from the jar!!!!

Have a go and share your favorite recipe !!!! 

Appreciate the shares too if you think your friends would like !!

Ps: Take a look at healthy living rules that has come about from our family wholefood health journey x

life by design

Happy with yr bank account?

I’ve figured out a couple of ways to make my money 😊

Here’s a short story about how I became to be an entrepreneur … Part of a 30 day video challenge i did for connecting to others that share the same vision !!!

…. and this is my mentor as a conscious creator, a total necessity  for me to remain free and remind myself of my unlimited potential 💗

Enjoy X

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Happy spark collecting ✨

Ps: Don’t forget to ask me how to get involved in the next Light It Up video challenge … and get comfortable with connecting via video!