Health reset

Health Reset 

How about feeling …

More energy, uplifted, clear skin, lighter,vibrant??
How about …

💛 Getting up before the alarm clock

💛watching hair and nails grow with ease

💛Seeingthe glow through the skin and having a skip in your step!!

It’s so possible to achieve this 🙂

It’s been my journey

however ….

Old habits can die hard!! This can be tough to take on board in one shot!!!!

As a family we enjoyed working this challenge in increments that set us up to benefit successfully from the programme … AND YOU CAN TOO!!

What I have found most effective to date for maintaining physical health is

⭐ Mindset

⭐ Making simple changes

⭐ Introducing Core 4 ( Superfoods)

Ask about how to initiate your health reset …

Join this vibe socially @mangotribe


Heres a short video by the wellness channel on ‘the science of healthy eating’

Hope it may help to add to your journey into wellness ….

Get thinking on YOUR first simple change to better health

This months suggestion was to drink less coffee and more water!! 

What simple change will you make?

PS: visit Family Wholefood Health my journey as a family on nutrition and health !

4 thoughts on “Health reset

  1. Great post! That is a particularly good video, too! It really drives it home. I’m so glad you stopped by so I had a chance to see your blog!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it … And thanks a lot for stopping by!!

  3. Thanks for the mention oneyummymummy!

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