one simple change

One Simple Change Programme

I  recently embarked on a clean eating programme …. that consisted of eating as much fresh wholefood produce, non processed food, keeping hydrated, exercising and getting adequate rest.

Those are the foundation rules for the transform 30 programme…..

however ….

This can be tough to take on board in one shot!!!!

I omitted to address the fact that I had worked up to this challenge in increments that set me up to benefit successfully from the programme!

This time the challenge is for me and all of you!!

It starts with  One Simple Change!!!

….for 30 days address on e simple change that is realistic, achievable, and beneficial to your health!!

After the 30 days add one more!!!!

……and in another 30 days keep those two changes and add another!!!!

My ethos in the facebook support group is that 1 simple change is worthwhile!! Any step in the direction towards clean eating, and getting nutrition into the body, less stress, drinking water and getting enough sleep, has value and are the best stepping stones towards health and wellbeing. This is the ethos of the healthyliving programme moving forward!


So many times we embark on ‘all or nothing’ fitness regimes, or diets that yield us short term results and leave us with a sense of failure in the long term, when the will power muscle relaxes, or fatigue overwhelms motivation!

One simple change is my motto, and simple steps towrds the longer term gain.

Thanks to all on the jp customer support group, all the interest, support and encouragment helps me continue to seek inspiration for you all by way of being the healthiest version of myself, and seeking outside informative or motivating material to inspire us all to reach our goals, and live by way of thriving!!!!

heres a short video by the wellness channel on ‘the science of healthy eating’

Hope it may help to add to your journey into wellness ….

Visit Family Wholefood Health to find out more about how to conveniently ‘bridge the gap between the nutrition you need and that which you get!…. and find out how to join in on ONE SIMPLE CHANGE programme 

Get thinking on YOUR first simple change to embark on for the next 30 days!!

I’m going to drink less coffee and more water!! 

What simple change will you make?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Great post! That is a particularly good video, too! It really drives it home. I’m so glad you stopped by so I had a chance to see your blog!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it … And thanks a lot for stopping by!!

  3. Thanks for the mention oneyummymummy!

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