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Easter treats!!

Easter time!!!

We were invited to mums for a lamb roast!! Reunion with family and cousin on hols from Australia, was nice to dig and share food this spring!

Had taken a day off from t30 to enjoy the treats served up at dinner.

Mum …. A raving fan of family wholefood health was inspired to serve me a special and specific type of feast …… I was impressed



Nice glass of wine and strawberry and raspberry trifle after I was happy and satisfied! Soooo nice to have food served up to me too ….. A nice change!

Gorgeous flower bouquets and chocolates came my way too 💝

We also tasted a brew from a local micro brewrey … Made from fresh non GMO hops white gypsy have a range of beer, ale and stout….. With a 9% alcohol content…. Great value as you need less good quality alcohol knowing we were supporting local and celebrating with good quality!!

Happy Easter everyone!!🎈


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